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Best walk-in wardrobe renovation ideas for 2022

Seeing a tumble of clothes is not a pretty sight, and having a walk-in wardrobe can help keep your clothes organised.

A walk-in wardrobe is a must if you love clothes and have a collection of fantastic clothing items you want to preserve. It also provides you with a private space where you can try out clothes and experiment with combinations that will make an exciting OOTD. If you don’t have a walk-in closet in your home, now is the best time to have one. If you already have a walk-in closet but are unsatisfied with it, then level it up. 

Benefits of a walk-in wardrobe

Keeps your clothes organised

Seeing a tumble of clothes is not a pretty sight, and having a walk-in wardrobe can help keep your clothes organised. You can design your walk-in wardrobe to have separate storage spaces for your tops, bottoms, leather pieces, jewellery items, and footwear. Keeping your wardrobe organised can help you save time because you know exactly where each item is, and you can get ready for work or a dinner date in a jiffy. 

Protects your clothes

Mould and mildew are terrible on clothes, and having a walk-in wardrobe can ensure that you have a storage space with proper ventilation. Proper storage also means that your clothes are not crammed together and can help you avoid unsightly creases. 

walk-in wardrobe

Great for displaying your wardrobe

You invest time and money in creating your collection, so why not show it off? You can work with a building designer to have a walk-in wardrobe with glass display cases so visitors can appreciate your collection. 

Creates a multi-functional space

Although walk-in wardrobes are primarily for storing clothes, you can do so much more with them to maximise space. You can work with an expert building designer to create a walk-in wardrobe that can double as a home office when you need to work at home. An option is to have a pull-down office desk that stays plush into the wall when not in use. When attending video meetings, you can use floor-to-ceiling drapes or a sliding divider to keep your clothes out of sight. 

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Increases the value of your home

Not all houses have walk-in wardrobes, so having one in your home increases its value. It will make for an excellent selling point if your prospective buyer is also a clothes collector or someone who loves dressing up. 

Walk-in wardrobe renovation ideas

All-glass display

If you want an excellent way of showcasing your fantastic wardrobe collection, replace your old cabinets with an all-glass display. It looks chic and turns the attention to your clothing items. An all-glass display can also save you time because you can see what’s inside of them immediately, and there’s no need to open each while looking for an item to complete your OOTD. 


Island storage

An island storage inside your walk-in wardrobe is an excellent way to maximise space. You can have one with a glass top that doubles as jewellery storage to jazz up your island. Another idea is to have an island with a built-in seat you can use while trying out footwear or just a place to rest while appreciating your wardrobe collection. 

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Colour-coded display cases

This is an excellent wardrobe renovation idea to make your walk-in wardrobe more playful. Using an explosion of colours can make your walk-in closet more energetic and give it a positive vibe. 

Using colour-coded displays also saves you time because it helps you organise your items. You can assign different colours for footwear, tops, bottoms, or leather items. If you want to make your walk-in wardrobe more colourful and whimsical, try adding neon lights that you can use as signage to indicate where clothing items are. 


Cocktail bar

If you love clothes, then your walk-in wardrobe is your happy place, and you can transform it into your mecca by adding a cocktail bar. With a cocktail bar, you can mix yourself a drink and relax inside your walk-in closet. It will also be an excellent way to entertain a friend who’s also a clothes lover. 

Play with lighting

Using lighting intelligently can take your walk-in wardrobe up a notch, and you have a wide variety of options to explore with the help of your building designer. LED and fluorescent lights are popular choices because they consume less energy. You can use recessed puck lights above display cabinets to bring a sense of drama while focusing attention on clothing items. If your space is big enough, you can add a crystal chandelier in the middle to create a stylish pool of light and add a touch of luxury. 

Although natural light is not a popular option because it can damage clothing items, you can use natural light to make your wardrobe brighter. You can add a small skylight to bring in more natural light without damaging your clothes. 

A skylight also allows you to quickly duck into your wardrobe without turning on an electric light.  



Walk-in wardrobes are great additions to any home because they can help you keep your clothing items organised. A walk-in wardrobe can help you protect your clothes from mould and mildew. It can also increase the value of your house because not all houses have walk-in wardrobes. 

If you have a walk-in wardrobe but are unhappy with its looks, it’s time to renovate it. Dreamspace can connect you with an expert building designer to help you develop a walk-in wardrobe that you will love. If you want to start transforming your walk-in wardrobe, sign up to Dreamspace and get a free design quote today. 

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