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10 value-adding house extension ideas on a budget

Add space and value to your property while staying on a budget with these amazing house extension ideas.

Space is a premium for any household, and you need to do everything you can to maximise it, making your house more livable and functional. It gives you more space to move around. It can also help ensure that your house meets the needs of your growing family. However, nobody wants to spend a ton of money to increase the square footage of their home, so here are some value-adding house extension ideas you can explore on a tight budget.

10 house extension ideas to try

New kitchen

Cooking for your family is more enjoyable when you can move around freely without bumping on your countertop or kitchen island, which makes kitchen extensions popular. Your design choice is one reason why kitchen extensions can cost a lot of money. If you want a bespoke or Hamptons-style kitchen, then get ready to shell out big bucks. You can create your style using inexpensive materials if you want to save money. What is essential is you have a functional kitchen and can serve the needs of your family.

Future-proofing your kitchen extension can also save you money in the long run. You can future-proof your kitchen by choosing kitchen appliances with classic designs that don’t go out of style quickly. You can also install many storage options, so you have enough space even if your family grows and your cooking requirements become more demanding.

Browse through our comprehensible guide on kitchen renovation so you’ll have more design ideas.

house extension ideas
house extension ideas

New bathroom

A new bathroom is one of those home extension ideas that add value to your home, making it an excellent investment. Even a tiny bathroom can add value to your home and can benefit your family.

What’s great about adding a new bathroom is it doesn’t require too much space like adding a new bedroom. Don’t stress yourself out if the area where you’re putting your new bathroom doesn’t have provisions for windows since you can add a skylight to make your new bathroom brighter and well-ventilated.

If you cannot afford a new bathroom, you can renovate an old bathroom to install a separate shower area. It is a cheaper option but still adds value to your home.

Check out some great bathroom design ideas in our Inspiration Gallery if you don’t have any design ideas in mind.

house extension ideas
image: Andrew Sale / Pinterest
house extension ideas
house extension ideas
image: Mary Nichols

Fitness room

Keeping healthy is something that everyone should prioritise, adding a fitness room is an excellent house extension. This is one of those house extension ideas that your entire family can benefit from.

You can build a fitness room right beside your garage or in your backyard. A fitness room is not expensive because you can buy prefabricated materials to build it. It also doesn’t require special materials for the floors and walls. What is important is to keep it well-ventilated to make your workouts comfortable.

gym house extension
image: Keeps Architect
gym extension
image: Mozolowski & Murray

Home office

As more people transition into the work-from-home set-up, a home office becomes more critical. You can add a home office on the quieter side of your home so you can work without distractions. You can even build it a little way away from your house and into your backyard if you want.

It is OK to splurge in constructing your home office because you need to consider it an investment since you get your income using it. One thing you should invest in is soundproofing your home office. Contractors know how to make a home office soundproofed so you can concentrate on your work and be more productive.

If you’re curious about the cost of adding a home office, get a free quote via Dreamspace.

study room
image: CCS Architecture
study room on the corner
image: Shannon McGrath

More storage space

There is no such thing as too much storage space and adding more storage options in your home is another house extension project you can explore. Having more storage space can help you keep things organised in your home. You can also have storage spaces exclusive to each member of the family for privacy.

Popular rooms where you can put up additional storage spaces include the garage, basement, and attic. You can also build a proper storage extension, like a shed, where you can store seldom-used or seasonal items and equipment.

storage space
image: hgtv
storage space
image: hgtv

Additional bedroom

This is one of the most common among home addition  ideas and can help growing families. An extra bedroom can house a child who’s too old to share bedrooms with other siblings. It can give your child privacy and can help boost self-esteem.

You can also turn an additional bedroom into a guest room or as a room for visiting in-laws. If you plan to use your extra room for in-laws, it will be best to have it on your ground floor to make it more comfortable.

house extension ideas
house extension ideas
image: Sullivan Building and Design Group

Outdoor dining area

Having an outdoor dining area is another excellent house extension idea because it gives your family more room to move about. If you have a combined kitchen and dining room, moving your dining area outdoors gives you more kitchen space to work on. You can buy more kitchen equipment, ensuring you have all the tools and equipment for any dish your family fancies.

An outdoor dining area is also great for entertaining guests. Having an outdoor dining area can also help you save on utilities since it is cooler, so there’s no need to turn on your air conditioner while having dinner on hot summer nights.

house extension ideas
image: hgtv

Study room

A study room is one of the most popular house extension ideas for children because it gives them a proper area to study without getting distracted. You can put up a study room in your attic or basement. You can also build a study area in your yard for more privacy. Like a home office, it is crucial to make the study comfortable, making it conducive to studying. You can also make it soundproof if you have the budget for it.

small study area
image: space joy

Media room

A media room is a greatinvestment because you can use it to bond with your family. Your attic and basement are excellent options if you’re wondering where you should build your media room.

An ideal media room should have enough space for family members and be soundproof for optimal movie-viewing conditions. You can add a kitchenette so you can prepare snacks for your family while watching your favourite movie or binge-watching a new series.

media room
image: small design ideas

Above-garage room

If your lot has limited square footage to add a room, building an extension on top of an existing room is an excellent idea. Garages are the usual suspects because they often don’t have any room above them. You can add a guest room or a family room on top of your garage but reinforce the garage’s walls to ensure it can support the weight of the additional room above it. You can even add a room and rent it out on Airbnb if you want an additional source of income.

attic room
image: Jan Morek & Jana Simonidesova

Use Dreamspace to complete your house extension project

A house extension is an option you should explore if you feel that your house is getting too small for your family. An expert building designer or contractor can help you build an extension to improve your family’s quality of life. Speak to an expert designer via Dreamspace so you can check house extension ideas suitable to your family’s needs. 

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