types of renovation in a home

Types of renovation: an ultimate guide to renovating different areas in the home

Know the different types of renovation so you can assess which one will give the most value to your home.

No matter how hard you try to take care of your house, it will eventually get old. When this happens, you need to renovate your house to make it livable. Renovations can help your home be suitable for your family’s needs. If you’re planning to sell your house to move to a bigger one, renovating it can make it more attractive to buyers. If you are pressed for time or working on a limited budget, you need to choose the types of renovation you’re going to prioritise. 

This article will help you understand the different types of renovation projects you can take on and how these renovations can help you and your family.

Why consider a renovation?

Understanding the benefits of renovating your home is the first step towards committing to a renovation project. Here are some of the best reasons why you should renovate your home:

  • It makes your home functional – your family’s needs evolve, and renovations can help ensure that your home can meet its changing needs.
  • Increases your property’s value – if you’re planning to sell your home, updating and renovating it can make it more attractive to buyers. According to an article in Architecture and Design, 38% of Australians renovate their homes to add value to their homes.
  • Increases footage – renovations like turning your basement into a workout area or converting your attic into an extra bedroom can help you maximise the space in your home and increase your home’s total square footage.
  • Makes your home energy-efficient – replacing old appliances, lighting fixtures and heating systems with newer models can make your home energy-efficient and help you save money on utilities.
  • Makes your home more attractive – if your home is several years old, it is most likely done in an outdated style, and renovations can help make it more current and attractive if you’re planning to sell it.

Major types of renovation

Living room renovation

The living room or family room is one of the most used areas in any home because this is where your family gathers or receives guests. You can renovate your living room to make it more comfortable to use. If you have an old sofa or chairs, you can replace them with upholstered ones that are softer and more relaxing. You can also replace a bulky centre table with a slim and chic accent table to make your living room more spacious.

Renovating your living room can also make it a safer space. You can knock down the divider between your living room and dining room so you can keep an eye on your children. This also gives the illusion of making your living area more spacious.

types of renovation living room area
image: contemporist

Kitchen renovation

Your kitchen is a crucial part of your home that needs to evolve as your family grows. If you have a small kitchen, renovating it can make it look roomier and provide you with more storage space. You can replace or update old cabinets so you can have more storage options.

Renovating your kitchen can help you save money on utilities by replacing old kitchen equipment like refrigerators, ovens, stoves, and dishwashers with newer and energy-efficient ones.

Kitchen renovations can also involve replacing broken or damaged parts of your kitchen, like replacing your old leaky faucet or putting up a durable kitchen countertop to replace the old one.

For more information, check out our complete kitchen renovation guide.

types of renovation kitchen area
image: crystal cabinets

Bedroom renovation

Your bedroom is your sanctuary after a long and tiring day, and renovating it can make it more relaxing and rejuvenating. Renovating your bedroom can involve making it roomier by knocking down walls or dividers. With your additional space, you can put up a lounge area where you can spend some quiet time before heading to bed.

You can also renovate your bedroom by adding new storage options like hanging shelves. You can build a walk-in closet to protect all your clothes and accessories if you have enough space.

Renovating your bedroom can also mean replacing old lighting fixtures to make it brighter while saving money through energy-saving bulbs.

If you’re doing a bedroom renovation soon, we have created an elaborated bedroom renovation guide to help you renovate your bedroom effectively and efficiently.

types of renovation bedroom

Bathroom renovation

Bathroom renovations can make your bathroom look more luxurious and trendier, especially if you have an older house. You can renovate your bathroom by replacing old tiles with new ones with updated designs and colours.

Bathroom renovations can also help you save water and electricity. Green fixtures consume less electricity, so you can recoup the amount you spent on renovations with the savings on utilities.

You can also make your bathroom safer through renovations. If you live with a senior, installing handrails or grab bars can help prevent accidental falls. You can also replace your bathroom tiles with non-slip tiles to prevent injuries from accidental slips.

Read our comprehensive bathroom renovation guide to get started with your bathroom renovation project.

types of renovation bathroom
image: Oliveri

Outdoor space renovation

Renovating outdoor spaces can help you maximise your yard by giving your family a more usable area. An example is adding a patio that can double as an outdoor kitchen and dining area. If you already have a patio, you can renovate it to make it larger with enough space to accommodate guests if you love holding barbeque parties.

It is also possible to renovate your garden to save money. Replace old and leaking water pipes so you can cut down on your water bill. You can shop for newer models with water-saving features to lower your water bill if you have an old sprinkler system.

colourful outdoor space
image: decoratingdesign

Garage renovation

We often forget about our garages because we think of them as just a place to store our cars but renovating them can turn them into more. The most common reason to renovate a garage is to make it safer for our cars, meaning replacing a leaky roof or busted garage door. You can also renovate your garage to extend it if you need a two-car garage and only have space for one.

Renovating your garage can also provide you with more storage options. You can install shelves where you can store seldom-used tools and equipment.

types of renovation garage space
image: gegarage.com

Cost of different types of renovation

Different types of renovation cost differently, and it is best to have an idea of how much a planned renovation may cost so you won’t go over your preferred budget. Below are ballpark figures of the average cost of the different types of renovation. Please keep in mind that these are just estimates, and the actual cost will depend on several factors like the extent of the renovations you want to perform and the type of materials you want to use.

  • Living room renovation – between $10,000 and $15,000
  • Kitchen renovation – around $17,000 and $42,000
  • Bedroom renovation – between $2,000 and $5,000
  • Bathroom renovation – between $18,000 and $25,000
  • Outdoor space renovation – between $15,000 and $20,000
  • Garage renovation – between $10,000 and $40,000

If you wish to get a more accurate estimate of your renovation project, use the Dreamspace platform and get free quotes.

Designs to try for different types of renovation

Living room renovation

With the help of renovations, you can expand the square footage of your living room to accommodate your growing family. You can try a different living room style, like going for a sunken living room design. You can make your living room livelier by decorating it with bright patterned fabric in pillows or rugs.

sunken living room
image: home-designing.com

Kitchen renovation

Going for a different style can make your kitchen more functional and attractive to buyers if you’re planning to sell it. You can go for a Hamptons-style kitchen by using coastal colours and classic curtains. Paint your walls white and install plantation-style shutters to achieve that full Hamptons effect. If you want something subdued, you can go for an industrial-style kitchen with bare lighting fixtures and stainless-steel kitchen equipment.

industrial kitchen types of renovation
image: Mihail Scherbak & Timothy Kalakutsky

Bedroom renovation

Bedroom renovations are more personal and depend on what you want to get out of your bedroom. Bedroom renovation ideas include making your bedroom brighter and livelier with new and brighter lighting fixtures. Repainting your bedroom with bright or pastel colours can give it a more positive vibe. Installing cabinets or shelves can give you more storage space for your clothes and personal effects.

bedroom with integrated cabinets
image: www.apppie.org
purple bedroom types of renovation
image: designcafe.com

Bathroom renovation

Bathroom renovation can help you maximise the space in your bathroom, like replacing a bulky vanity with a slimmer one so you can have more space. You can replace bathroom tiles with new ones to make your bathroom more relaxing. Opt for a zen bathroom decor, which creates balance and harmony, through minimalist design.

You can read up on the latest bathroom renovation trends to have a better idea of how you can transform your old bathroom.

zen bathroom types of renovation
image: homedecorbliss.com

Outdoor space renovation

Renovations can help turn your outdoor spaces into usable and multifunctional spaces for your family. You can expand your patio and turn it into an outdoor kitchen and dining area. You can build a garden room that can double as a study room or a home office.

types of renovation outdoor space
image: Remy Jansons Photography

Garage renovation

Instead of having a garage solely for storing your vehicles, you can convert a section into a home workout area. You can also install shelves to turn your garage into a makeshift storage area. Installing shelves can also help you keep your garage tidy by keeping tools out of sight.

luxury garage space

Things to consider when renovating any space

Before you dive in on your renovation project, there are things that you need to consider to help you avoid problems and delays.

  • Your vision – spend time on the space you want to renovate and imagine what you want to achieve. Write down the type of renovation you want to do and consult with family members or design professionals so you can get their opinion.
  • Budget – the amount of money you’re willing to spend on renovations dramatically affects the type of renovation you can do. Set aside a budget and ensure that you stick to it to avoid straining your finances.
  • Timeline – consider the amount of time a renovation takes because renovations will disrupt your daily lives. Be sure to develop a realistic timeline to ensure your renovations are not rushed and completed properly.
  • Interview contractors – spend time interviewing multiple contractors if you’re not going the DIY route. When interviewing contractors, ask for their credentials to ensure that they have the proper training and licenses. You can also ask for proof of previous projects to get a better idea of the quality of their work.
  • Research – if you want to do the renovations yourself, power up your PC and study all about the type of renovation you want to do. Renovation guides, videos, and articles are available online and can help you complete your project properly.

DIY or hire a professional?

You can turn home renovation projects into DIY projects. An obvious advantage of DIY home renovation projects is you can save money on professional fees, so you can stretch your budget and buy high-end materials. You can also involve your family and use your renovation projects to bond with family members.

However, if your home renovation project is complex, then better call in the professionals. Contractors have the know-how and the equipment, and tools to complete renovations. Contractors spend years undergoing formal and on-the-job training so they possess knowledge crucial to your project you might not be aware of.

Although hiring professionals means paying for fees, you might end up saving more money. Professionals know how to work on renovations without causing any damage to other parts of your house. If you try handling a complex type of renovation on your own, you might damage parts of your home that you cannot repair and end up hiring a professional anyway. On top of this, ensuring that your house doesn’t get damaged during renovations can help keep your family safe. Damages can weaken the foundations of your home and increase the risk of irreparable damage or collapse.

DIY or hire a professional types of renovation
image: Annie Gray on Unsplash

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