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Top 10 stunning staircase renovation ideas to try in 2022

Stay up-to-date with the latest staircase renovation ideas in 2022 and make your staircase a beautiful and safe feature of your home.

Staircases are integral parts of homes because you use them to get into the house’s higher levels. Over time, it is natural for staircases to wear down and for railings and steps to accumulate dings, dents, and chips, making staircase renovation a must. 

A staircase is a focal point of any home and is one of the features that guests often notice, which is why you need to maintain the quality and appeal of your staircase. Aside from keeping your staircase beautiful, renovating your staircase can also keep your family safe. Worn-down staircases are slippery and can cause accidental falls. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, falls account for the largest hospitalized injuries. Between 2017 to 2018, they recorded more than 15,000 cases of hospitalizations because of falls on or from stairs and steps.

This article will show you ten amazing staircase renovation ideas that will make your staircase beautiful and safe for your family.

10 staircase renovation design ideas

Hanging stairs

If your goal is to wow your guests, replacing your old stairs with a hanging stair can achieve that effect. Hanging stairs or floating stairs have no support between treads giving the illusion that the steps are floating.

What’s great about hanging stairs is how versatile they are. You can make your hanging stairs as narrow or as wide as you want, making them ideal for large and small houses. When it comes to materials, you can use concrete, timber, and steel for your steps. You can even use glass to get the maximum floating effect for your staircase.

staircase renovation floating wood staircase

Understairs space

This is an excellent staircase renovation idea if you have a small home and you want to maximize your space. Instead of leaving the underside of your stairs empty, you can use it to install shelves, drawers, cabinets or storage boxes. Pull out storage cabinets are popular under-the-stairs storage options because they do an excellent job of hiding your stored items.

You can use your understairs space to store clothes, tools, toys, and seldom-used equipment. If you want something unique, you can even convert your understairs space into a secret pantry or library.

If you’re not sure about the design you’d like for your staircase, feel free to access our Inspiration Gallery for design inspirations or consult an expert designer to get your project started.

staircase renovation understairs
image: JWT Associates

Tree banister

A tree banister is an excellent choice if you want your staircase to have that wow factor because it’s something that automatically catches the attention of guests. You can do this fantastic staircase renovation without touching the staircase itself.

The concept is simple; instead of just a plain staircase railing, you can replace your banister with one that resembles a tree. You can use a real tree or real wood with the branches acting as the handrails. If you want something sturdier, you can talk to a professional and have a tree banister made from metal fashioned to look like a tree. 

staircase renovation tree banister
image: Alessandro Marchelli
staircase renovation tree branch staircase

Spiral slide staircase

This is a fantastic staircase renovation idea if you want something whimsical. Instead of a regular spiral staircase, renovate it to have a spiral slide alongside. You can use the slide to go down or to slide down items to make carrying them easier. If you have children in your home, this is the perfect staircase for you because it can double as a play area, and you can use it to spend some quality playtime with your kids.

spiral slide staircase

Bookshelves staircase

If you are a book-lover, then this is an excellent staircase renovation idea for you. Instead of having banisters or handrails, you can line the sides of your staircase with bookcases. On top of having an amazing staircase, you can have a place to display your collection of books. You can also use the bookshelves to store magazines, graphic novels and other reading materials. This is a cost-effective way of renovating because you won’t need another customised furniture piece to display your items.

Check out other cost-efficient renovation ideas in this cost-effective renovation guide we’ve set up.

bookshelf staircase
image: Panorama House

Staircase for plant-lovers

If you are a plant-lover, why not take your passion to the next level with a combination staircase and planter. You can commission a metalworks expert to have planters at the sides of your staircase where you can plant beautiful indoor plants. Aside from being pleasant to look at, you can also benefit from the air-cleaning effects of indoor plants with this renovation project.

staircase with plants
Designer: Paul Cocksedge

Staircase runners

Using runners on your staircase is one of the most cost-effective ways of renovating your staircase because you can leave your staircase just the way it is. Runners can help cover the dents and scratches that your staircase accumulated through the years. What’s even better is that you have a wide variety of choices when it comes to runners, so you are sure to find one that suits your taste and will complement the overall theme of your home. In addition, staircase runners offer grip and can help family members avoid accidental slips from slippery stairs.

staircase renovation stair runner

Mediterranean staircase

Mediterranean design is all about grandiosity and is an excellent renovation idea if you have a large space to work on. You can paint the walls along your staircase with a white or off-white paint to make the space look larger than it is. For the handrails, you can replace wooden banisters with wrought iron ones to make your staircase sturdier. To fully achieve that Mediterranean style, you can use Mediterranean style tiles to adorn the risers of your staircase.

Mediterranean stairs

Patterned risers

If your staircase is in perfect condition, but you want to give it a fresh look, then demolishing it will be a complete waste of money. Instead of total remodelling, you can change how your staircase looks by changing how your risers look. Patterned tiles can help transform the way your staircase looks. If you want something different, you can also use patterned wood tiles so you can retain the natural look of your staircase while giving it a fresh look.

For tile design inspirations, check out our Inspiration Gallery. Just type in “tiles” and you’ll see great designs that you may like to incorporate into your staircase.

stairs with patterned risers
image: Annette Brashears

Industrial spiral

Spiral staircases are excellent options if you want to maximize the space in your home because it doesn’t take up too much space like traditional staircases. If you have a modern home, an industrial spiral staircase will be an excellent addition. The sleek lines of black steel can make your staircase more elegant. You can use perforated metal panels for your risers and steps while opting for flat steel bars for your balustrade to give it that unmistakable industrial look.

Whatever style you choose, keep in mind that home renovations should reflect your vision of how you want your home to look like. Current trends are just there to guide your vision.

To learn more about renovations, read our comprehensive guide on home renovations

industrial spiral stairs with wood accents
black industrial spiral stairs

Tips when renovating staircase on a budget

  • Maximize space – before renovating your staircase, ensure that your design won’t waste too much space. Think about the ideal width of your staircase and try to stick to that measurement to avoid wasting space. Another way of maximizing space is by incorporating storage options into your design. Examples are storage boxes or shelves under your stairs or along the walls of your staircase.
  • Choice of materials – the materials you will use for your renovations will greatly impact your budget, so be wise when selecting them. If the steps of your staircase are in excellent condition, then it might be prudent to leave them as they are and focus on the handrails for your renovations. If you plan to completely redo your stairs, ensure that you choose durable materials to get the most out of your budget.
  • Professional assistance – simple DIY renovations are easy to pull off, and you can do them by yourself, but there are renovations best left to professionals. An expert can give you advice on which ideas will work best for your home, whatever type of renovation you’re making.

Executing your design plan to perfection requires the expertise of home renovation professionals. Professional renovators and contractors can give you valuable advice on which designs will work best for your home. They can also help you select materials that are durable but not too expensive.

If you wish to hire an expert, look up our list of designers so you can set your project in motion before long.


Renovation experts can help ensure that your staircase renovation project won’t affect or damage other parts of your home, like your walls or the foundation of your house. Damaging the foundation of your home can lead to more expenses and potentially place your family in danger.

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