Tips and design ideas for economical bathroom renovations to help you save money

Superdraft will show you some economical bathroom renovations you can explore if you want a fantastic bathroom that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

One of the most common misconceptions is that you need a ton of money to renovate your bathroom. Although this can be the case for some renovation ideas, there are many economical bathroom renovations you can try if you have limited funds. This article will show you some economical bathroom renovations you can explore if you want a fantastic bathroom that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.  

Economical bathroom renovation tips

Minimise clutter

An organised bathroom is a classy-looking bathroom so start by getting rid of bathroom clutter like an assortment of shampoo bottles or packaging for cosmetic products. This is the best way to start a bathroom renovation because it won’t cost you money. In addition, getting rid of clutter will give you a better idea of improving how your bathroom looks.  

economical bathroom renovations


Repainting your bathroom is another economical bathroom renovation idea you should consider. Although it won’t cost you much, a fresh coat of paint can transform how your bathroom looks. It is also an excellent way of getting rid of cracked and chipped paint that makes your bathroom look old.  

Check out our Inspiration Gallery for some design inspirations and see what paint colour is ideal for your bathroom.

Add some artwork

Hanging a piece of artwork can do wonders for your bathroom. It adds a touch of sophistication and can act as a point of interest. You can go to a garage sale in your area to hunt for an affordable piece of art or buy a framed print in your local bookstore if you want something new but cheap.  

Replace your shower curtains

If your shower curtain has seen better days, it’s time to replace it. Shower curtains accumulate mould, mildew, and water stains after a year or two. They can make your bedroom look dreadful, so replace them when they show signs of age.  

bathroom curtain

Update your bathroom mats

Like shower curtains, you should replace your bathroom mat or rug if it starts looking old. If you see threadbare or stained sections, your bathroom mat requires replacing. A nice-looking bathroom rug is the first thing that will greet your guests, so be sure to make an excellent first impression with a fresh-looking bathroom mat.  

Economical bathroom renovation ideas

Wainscot your bathroom

Replacing bathroom tiles can be costly, and wainscoting is an excellent alternative. Wainscoting can help you cover cracked, damaged, and old bathroom tiles. If you are worried about using a wainscot in a humid area like your bathroom, don’t worry because there are water-proof, mould and mildew-resistant wainscots.  

Update your bathroom hardware

Although it may sound too little, replacing the hardware in your bathroom can go a long way toward giving it a fresh look. If you don’t have the budget to replace your toilet or bathroom sink, replace your bathroom doorknob, faucet, and the knobs or handles of your bathroom cabinets. There is one of those economical bathroom renovations that will surprise you with excellent results, even if you’re updating a tiny part of your bathroom. If you want to save more money, buy your hardware from a local home improvement store or a discount store.

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Install new shelves

Keeping your bathroom clutter-free is one of the cheapest ways to transform how your bathroom looks, and one way of achieving this is by installing new shelves. Additional bathroom shelves let you maximise your storage space and help you organise your bathroom. This is also one of the most economical bathroom renovations because you can choose affordable yet durable materials like engineered wood planks for your shelves. You can also repurpose old wood planks to save more money. If there is an ongoing building demolition near you, try to talk to the contractor about buying salvaged wood for your bathroom shelves. 

Recessed storage options

If you have a low bathroom ceiling but need more storage options, consider recessed storage for your bathroom. Recessed storage allows you to utilise whatever available space you have because there is no set size that you need to follow. You can use recessed bathroom storage to organise your toiletries or bathroom towels. Organising your toiletries can minimise clutter and make a small bathroom look more spacious.

economical bathroom renovations

Set the mood with new light fixtures

Lighting plays a huge role in how your bathroom looks which is why updating your lighting fixtures is one of the most economical bathroom renovations. Some people find fluorescent lights too harsh, and warm light is an excellent alternative. You can also install pin or puck lights on your ceiling if you want more subdued bathroom lighting. Be sure to hire a building designer and licensed electrician since this involves your house’s electrical system and can result in an electrical short circuit when done incorrectly.  

economical bathroom renovations

Accents on your bathroom wall

This is one of those economical bathroom renovations you can do if you want to update how your bathroom looks but don’t have enough funds to re-tile your bathroom. Instead of tearing down all your bathroom tiles, replace some of them with accent tiles. Accent tiles can change how your bathroom walls look at just a fraction of the cost. Add contrast to your bathroom by using dark accent tiles if you have light-coloured bathroom tiles or vice versa.  

Re-grout your bathroom

Re-grouting your bathroom tiles is another way of refreshing the look of your bathroom without replacing all your tiles. The grout is the material between tiles, and you’ll notice that they get dirty and grimy after a few years. It is also possible to have worn out grout, and this can lead to costly problems because grout helps make your tiles water-proof, and the damaged grout can destroy your bathroom tiles. 

Aside from making your bathroom tiles look new, re-grouting can help you get rid of mould and mildew in between tiles. This can be excellent healthy for your family because mould and mildew can cause respiratory problems. 

Refinish your bathroom fixtures

If you want a toilet, tub, or sink that looks great but don’t have the budget to buy replacements, try refinishing them. Refinishing porcelain surfaces can help rejuvenate tarnished or chipped surfaces and make them look new.  

It is also possible to reglaze your tub or toilet bowl if you want them in another colour. Changing their colour is an excellent idea if you want a colour that matches your bathroom’s overall colour scheme.

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Renovating your bathroom is a worthy home improvement project because your entire family uses it. If you have guests, you would also want them to use a bathroom that looks fantastic. If you want a bathroom that looks great but won’t cost too much, try one of the economical bathroom renovations above. They can transform how your bathroom looks without hurting your bank account. If you want to learn about other economical bathroom renovation ideas, Dreamspace can help you. we can provide you with a free detailed quote for your project. What’s more, we can connect you with an expert building designer to help you develop a bathroom renovation plan that fits your budget.

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