modern mudroom design

Stylish and functional small mudroom design ideas to make it feel spacious

Give more space to your small mudroom with clever mudroom design solutions.

Having enough storage in your house is always essential, especially in a high-traffic place in your home such as a mudroom. But what if you have a small mudroom design or layout?

If you have a space-challenged entryway, you can apply some clever small mudroom design solutions or space-planning ideas to make your mudroom more spacious than usual.

In this article, we’ll show you some tips for designing a mudroom. We’ll also walk you through some clever small mudroom design ideas you can try and what materials you should use for your mudroom reno project.

First, let’s get our definitions in order.

What is a mudroom?

A mudroom is an entry area to remove your wet and dirty footwear and clothes. Having a mudroom is crucial if you live in an area that gets muddy during the rainy season or winter because it can help keep the interiors of your house clean and free from mud and dirt.

Tips for designing a small mudroom

Personalise the design

Like any area in your house, personalising your mudroom helps ensure that it can serve your family better. Creating a mudroom that jives with your house’s overall theme and design ensures that it won’t stick out like a sore thumb. If you have children, ensure that the shelves are within their reach for comfort. Personalising means maximising the potential of the space.

personalised mudroom design
image: Douglas Friedman

Here’s a photo of a personalised entry area from Resene:

image: Resene

Keep it durable

Mudrooms should be durable because they are high-traffic spaces and used by every family member. Choose materials that won’t break easily so you can use your mudroom longer. It is also crucial to select materials that won’t retain dirt and mud to make cleaning your mudroom easier.

image: Jillian Harris

Pay attention to the details

A mudroom is as much a part of your home as your kitchen or living room, so ensure it is presentable. Choose stylish and dirt-resistant materials and wallpapers to minimise dirt buildup. You can also install a chic lighting fixture to make it more modern and attractive, especially if you have guests.

image: Michelle Drewes/PepperJack Interiors

Brilliant small mudroom design ideas

Make space for every family members’ daily go-tos

Your mudroom is for your entire family, so you should ensure that each family member is comfortable using your mudroom. Have individual storage boxes for each member of the family to keep things organised. You can install hooks for hanging coats or belts. You can also have storage areas for seasonal personal items like raincoats or winter clothing.

mudroom with personalised storage
image: Andrea Schumacher

Pick a dominant colour

A dominant colour makes a small mudroom look roomier because it creates an illusion of extension. If you find single-colour mudrooms unappealing, you can use colour accents to add a touch of a different colour to make it more appealing.

image: Denise Maloney Interior Design
yellow mudroom
image: Ron Brenner

Use custom joinery/furniture

Personalised joinery and furniture are more functional compared to ready-made ones. Aside from having furniture that will cater to your specific needs, you can also ensure that your furniture is just the right size so you can maximise the space of your mudroom.


Skip using furniture pieces (if you can)

If you have limited space in your mudroom, you might want to skip furniture pieces and go for alternative storage options, like bins and hanging shelves. You can also install hooks where you can hang coats, bags, and hats. Aside from saving space, these alternative storage options will make your mudroom look roomier and more organised.

mudroom without furniture or cabinet
image: The Spruce / Margot Cavin

If you can’t skip furniture, try using slim furniture pieces like the one pictured below.

slim furniture pieces in home entry way
image: homeofthewildlings

Add a bench with storage

This is an excellent addition to your mudroom because it is multifunctional. Aside from the additional storage space, you can use the bench to steady yourself while taking off footwear. The bench can also help turn your mudroom into an informal waiting room for guests. 

bench with storage
entryway storage bench
image: pinterest

Use floating shelving and utilize baskets

Aside from giving your more storage options, floating shelves and baskets can make your mudroom look roomier. They can also make your mudroom look more organised. If you have items that you seldom use, you can store them on overhead shelves to reduce clutter.

entryway with floating shelves and baskets

Install a large floor mirror

A large mirror is an excellent addition to your mudroom because it is multifunctional. You can use the mirror to check yourself and your outfit before heading out. Mirrors also reflect light and can give the illusion that your mudroom is roomier than it is. 

entryway floor mirror
image: ikea

Materials and finishes for your mudroom

Durable flooring

Because it is a high-traffic area, be sure to choose flooring materials that are durable, so your mudroom looks great longer. Tiles and sealed hardwood are excellent choices because they can resist water damage and are easy to clean. Laminates are great alternatives because they are cheaper and easy to replace.

mudroom with durable flooring
image: Stacy Zarin Goldberg
mudroom with tile flooring
image: Tim Barber Ltd

Here’s a durable large tile flooring from Tiento Tiles:

tiento tiles mudroom
image: Tiento Tiles

High-quality rug or carpet

A high-quality rug or carpet can make your mudroom more attractive, but you need to choose the one you will use carefully. Although you might want to go for the best-looking ones, durable and dirt-resistant rugs and carpets are more practical. Try to stay away from fluffy carpets because they trap dirt and are difficult to clean.

Here’s a beautiful carpet flooring from Choices Flooring:

carpet flooring in entry area

Bespoke furniture/joinery

Custom joinery and furniture can help elevate the style and functionality of your mudroom. You can order a bench and shelves of the same materials to give your mudroom a consistent theme. Custom furniture can also ensure that the furniture you will use is just the right size and height for other family members.

bespoke joinery in mudroom

Recycled or reclaimed items

Some homeowners use recycled or reclaimed building materials for their mudrooms that give the space an added personality. You can use reclaimed woods to build space-saving open shelves or recycled tiles for the flooring. These recycled building materials will help you save some bucks while saving the environment. 

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