small bathroom designs

21 small bathroom designs to inspire your next renovation

Small bathroom? Go all out on the design and turn your bathroom into a space that you’ll love!

Designing and building a small bathroom is challenging. It’s tough to come up with a layout that works without feeling cramped. To help you out, we feature amazing images of small bathroom designs, plus expert tips and tricks to beautify and make the most of your tiny bathroom space. 

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1. Ergonomic and trendy small bathroom design

Here’s the bathroom of a 37.5 sqm apartment, featuring the creative use of hex tiles on the vanity and shower area. 

2. Small bathroom with textured privacy glass

This bathroom sits beside the bedroom and kitchen of this tiny apartment and features the clever use of ribbed glass doors and dividers to make the space appear bigger and for natural light to flow throughout the unit. The ribbed glass design also enhances the bathroom’s privacy.

3. Modern minimalist bathrooms with colour rich walls

The first bathroom of this home features a colour rich salmon pink wall against white tiles and black grout. The matte black tapware and fixtures used in the shower, toilet, and vanity suit this bathroom design. 

The second bathroom of this home houses a large matte black clawfoot bathtub against a soft pink wall.

4. Small industrial bathroom

This bathroom features a bath and shower combo, an alcove storage, integrated basin, and vanity with LED strip light mirror. The cool white lighting brings out the beautiful grains of the timber wall panels and the concrete floor. The back to wall toilet with an invisible cistern saves space too!

5. Small attic bathroom

Here’s an attic bathroom that features the use of a lovely tile with pale grey swirling prints. The statement tiles add visual interest to the space, and the design looks great against the wood effect vanity and ceiling. The matte black tapware and fixture look exceptional too!

6. Marble bathroom and laundry 

Here’s a bathroom that doubles as a laundry room that features the use of luxurious white marble tiles, wood panelling, solid surface benchtops, matte black taps and fixtures, and pendant lights in the vanity. 

7. Modern industrial apartment bathroom

This bathroom design features a clever use of two tile designs: a burnt orange textured square tile that burns bright next to the trendy concrete hexagon shaped tiles.

8. Modern industrial style bathroom

Here’s an industrial style bathroom that features the proper use of a concrete vanity with an integrated sink, a toilet with a hidden cistern, and a niche for storing bathroom essentials.

9. Ribbed vanity cabinet doors

Ribbed timber cabinet doors add texture and style to any contemporary bathroom’s vanity. Here, it perfectly adorns the space and pairs well with the round vanity mirror and the two sinks. 

10. Modern minimalist powder room

Powder rooms are relatively small, and this one is equipped with a space-saving toilet, a borderless wall mirror, and a custom-fitted vanity.

small bathroom designs
Image credit: Tim Gabriel Gabriel

11. Bold geometric bathroom tiles

Here’s a small modern urban style bathroom that makes use of creative 3D tiles and white subway tiles with a unique grout work. The visual tension and textural variety combined makes this neutral bathroom design out of this world!

12. Slim and round vanity design

Rounded bathroom fixtures and decor, when placed in a small bathroom, will not confine the space. Here’s a unique minimalist vanity design with a set of distinctive open shelves for storing bathroom essentials. This bathroom design rocks the trendy combination of pastel grey and pink hues!

13. Small bathroom with complete amenities

With proper planning and design, you too can get a beautiful bathroom that doubles as a laundry room. This one features a functional shower and tub combo next to a space-saving vanity and toilet. The laundry and utility cabinet sits next to the door for easy access.

14. Open shower with glass divider

This bathroom features a monochromatic colour scheme and the clever use of sleek amenities. Instead of a door, there’s a mesh screen that surprisingly became a focal point of the space. Timber elements and light blue colour add a nice touch to the colour and material palette used. The tiles and the glass divider also separate the wet area and splash zones from the rest of the bathroom.

15. Small bathroom with rich and moody colour palette

Despite the small footprint, this bathroom rocks a dark grey and deep blue colour scheme, which pairs nicely with the wood wall panels and wood slats in the ceiling. It also features a slim built-in open shelving for storing bathroom essentials.

16. Geometric black and white bathroom

In this two-toned bathroom, we see the clever separation of the vanity and the shower area. The shower is a crisp white cubicle tiled seamlessly from the floor up to the walls. The geometric pattern formed by the tiles beautifully contrasts the charcoal grey vanity area. The vanity unit is topped with a wood-effect benchtop and splashback, and the timber details climb up to the timber slats on a grey ceiling. 

17. Grey and white bathroom with mirrors

Here’s a grey and white bathroom with brick texture tiles laid on every wall and the bathtub, wall hung basin beneath an off-the-shelf medicine cabinet, chrome pipes and tapware. There is a window to boost the daylighting and ventilation inside the bathroom. The design also makes use of mirrors to reflect light in the bathroom and to make it feel more spacious in real life. 

18. Rectangular mosaic wall tiles

This black and white bathroom features the tedious installation of rectangular mosaic tiles on the wall to create a focal point.

small bathroom designs
Image credit: YØ DEZEEN

19. Micro apartment’s high-end bathroom

One bright side of working in a small space is it allows you to splurge and get a high-end bathroom design. This bathroom features luxurious fixtures and beautiful surfaces ⸺ the expensive grey stone tiles and realistic wood effect panels.

20. Small bathroom with sliding doors 

Sliding screen doors conceal the shower room.

A pale pink and white decor scheme awaits behind the semi-translucent doors.

The wood frame doors can be opened in various order along the ceiling runner.

A round wood framed vanity mirror faces the doors to the shower room.

Bathroom walls are lined in pink, whilst the floor is defined in grey. A wall-mounted basin, without a bulky vanity unit underneath, helps the small floor area feel more spacious. A standard shower enclosure occupies the corner of the room.

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