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10 most popular patio designs to inspire your next outdoors renovation project

Patio designs are evolving and starting to become more stylish and functional than usual.

Patio designs come in different styles and have evolved over the years. Here, we’ll walk you through the 10 most popular patio designs today so you can assess which one pleases you the most. We’ll start with the ever-popular classic patio and explore other unique designs in case you’re looking for something bold for your outdoor renovation project. We’ll also suggest some decorative ideas you can incorporate into your patio designs to make it look more “you.” 

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Traditional or classic patio design

A traditional or classic patio design is a safe choice if you want a great outdoor space for entertaining guests. If you have limited indoor space, building a patio can help you maximise your backyard and turn it into an extension of your living room. A traditional patio also provides your family with privacy and can protect you from the elements while enjoying your outdoor space.

classic patio with lawn
image: Modinex

Living room-style patio

A living room-style patio is an excellent option if you want your patio to be cozy. Replace your patio chairs with all-weather cushioned sofa sets or lounge chairs to make your patio as homey as possible. A small centre table will complete your set-up so you can enjoy your morning coffee on your patio. If you want a more rustic look for your patio, go for wicker or rattan chairs and adorn them with cushions and pillows of all shapes and sizes.  They are durable and will carry you through season after season.

living room style patio
image: Louvretec
living area style patio
image: Brickworks

Coastal-style or Hamptons-style patio

If you love the sea but cannot enjoy it every day, why not bring the beach vibes to your patio with a coastal or Hamptons-style patio? A patio with a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere is a perfect place to entertain friends or read a book with your cup of coffee. Adirondack chairs are must-haves when replicating the beach-like atmosphere of a Hamptons-style patio, but slim wrought iron chairs are excellent alternatives if you want something sturdier. You can also decorate your patio with blue and white cushions to remind yourself of calm blue waters.

coastal style patio
image: Weathertex
image: Remy Jansons Photography
coastal-like patio design
image: Weathertex

Bohemian-style patio

Bohemian-style patios as excellent options for those who want patios that exude relaxed energy, just like the Hamptons. The biggest difference, perhaps, is that Boho-style is more laid-back, casual, or free-spirited than a classic white Hamptons-style patio.

Mix and match colourful cushions and pillows to make your patio as whimsical as possible. Copper or bronze-finish lanterns with colourful stained glass can light up your patio during dinner parties. Potted and hanging plants can make your patio feel more calming while giving it a more natural look. install a macramé swing or a hammock in your patio for that  laid-back atmosphere too. 

bohemian style patio
image: PopFizz | Bryan Allen

Patio with water feature

Transforming your patio doesn’t require a complete renovation. You can transform it with stunning water features. The sound of trickling water has a therapeutic effect, and adding a water feature to your patio can transform it into a relaxing oasis. You can add a simple fountain surrounded by potted plants for a nature-inspired patio. A small pond can also be a great addition to the outdoor space. Go big with a  water wall with lighting accents too. Any of these can be a great conversation starter when entertaining guests.  

image: Modinex
patio water characterstic

Completely detached patio

Although most patios work as home extensions and are connected to houses, you can build a wholly detached patio for more privacy. If you have a large backyard, a detached patio can provide you with a quiet place to relax away from the sounds inside your house. If your fence is not high enough to give you complete privacy on your patio, you can hang curtains or plant climbing plants so you can spend your time free from the prying eyes of strangers.

detached patio
image: Stratco
image: Stratco
image: Stratco
detached patio by the pool
image: Stratco

Open roofing style patio

A patio with a pergola is an excellent option if you live in an area that gets a lot of rain and sunshine. Most pergolas have open roofs, but there are varieties with transparent roofs which protect you from the elements. Another option is to plant climbing plants or vines that can provide you with some shade while you’re relaxing on your patio.

patio with open roof peragola
image: Louvretec
patio design with peragola
image: Louvretec

Elevated patio design

If you want a patio that stands out (or more dramatic and private), an elevated patio is something you should explore. As its name implies, an elevated patio is higher than the ground, making it ideal if your backyard gets muddy during the rainy season. An elevated patio provides you with an area to relax even if your yard gets muddy or flooded. The stairs on an elevated patio also add drama to your patio and make it a perfect place to have an intimate dinner.

elevated patio design
image: Remy Jansons Photography

Patio with outdoor fireplace or fire pit

A fireplace or a fire pit is another addition that can completely transform your patio without straining your budget. Adding a fireplace or a fire pit to your patio ensures that you have a comfortably warm patio even during chilly nights. You can also use your fire pit for a weekend barbeque with family or friends and enjoy that camp-like retreat vibe. A fireplace or a fire pit also adds value to your home and can be a great selling point should you decide to sell your property in the future.

patio with fire pit
image: ddla design landscape architecture
image: Little Miracles Designs
image: Tiento Tiles
image: AC Stone

Outdoor kitchen or dining patio

A patio that doubles as a kitchen or a dining area is one of the most creative and practical renovation ideas you can explore. Instead of just being a place to sit and relax, make your patio more functional by turning it into an outdoor kitchen or dining area. This is an excellent idea if you have a small indoor kitchen or dining space because you can have a bigger area to entertain guests or host dinners with this patio design.

patio with grilling area
image: Project Floors and Design
image: Caesarstone
patio design with cooking area
image: Caesarstone

Things you can incorporate into your patio designs

Here are some design details you can add to your patio to make it look more pleasing to the eyes:

Big and bold tiles

Statement tiles can give your patio an energetic personality. Using big, bold tiles and bright colours can make your patio look brighter and more accomodating. You can also try using hexagon tiles or geometrical tiles if you want your patio to stand out. 

Here are some awesome samples from Tiento Tiles:

bold patterned tiles
image: Tiento Tiles
colourful tiles
image: Tiento Tiles

Comfy furniture pieces

Adding homey furniture pieces like sofas, ottomans, and cushions can make your patio more comfortable. You can also add a reclaimed wood centre table complete with a table runner and tea set to make your patio even homier.

Here are some great options from Temple & Webster, Handkrafted, and Knotwood.

comfy furniture for patio
image: Handkrafted
image: Knotwood

Vertical garden

A vertical garden is a budget-friendly addition you can use to transform your patio. You can use climbing plants or hand small potted plants on the wall of your patio. On top of sprucing up your patio, a vertical garden can help make the air you breathe cleaner and healthier. Remember: the more the greenery, the better.

patio design with vertical garden
image: City Garden/ Chris Snook
image: Future / Alun Callender

Foldable umbrella

A foldable umbrella is a great way to ensure that you have shade during sunny days and protection from the rain during the wet season. Aside from these practical reasons, a foldable umbrella can also make your patio chicer.

moroccan patio design with foldable umbrella

Outdoor string lights

Keep away from harsh fluorescent lights and go for outdoor string lights instead. Outdoor string lights are more relaxing because they are dimmer than regular light bulbs and are great when hosting dinner parties. You can also use large incandescent bulbs to add more drama to your patio or use fairy lights if you want to have a more whimsical atmosphere. 

patio with outdoor string lights
image: Adam Albright
string lights in patio

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