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2022’s top modern bedroom renovation ideas for your primary bedroom

Upgrade your master bedroom and make it modern, inspiring, and stylish at the same time.

The master bedroom is the centrepiece among the bedrooms in any house, and one of the first things that people shopping for a home considers. An amazing master bedroom can add value to your home and push its price to the roof with the right buyer. If your master bedroom hasn’t been updated for a while, you might want to consider making modern renovations. 

This article will give you a glimpse of “modern” bedroom renovation ideas you can explore when renovating your master bedroom. If you’re looking for other designs aside from contemporary ones, you can also check our complete bedroom renovation guide so you have more ideas at your disposal.

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2022 modern bedroom renovation ideas

Modern rustic

If you want a master bedroom that’s modern yet homely, then a modern rustic design is right up your alley. You can start by doing away with concrete bedroom walls and replacing them with old bricks to give it that quaint rustic look. Contractors often sell them off during demolitions, so keep an eye out for old houses scheduled for demolition.

For your floors, replace tiles with wood flooring. Although reclaimed wood is the best choice for this, you can also buy artificially-weathered wood at your local hardware store. You can have your contractor use artificially-weathered wood to build you a bed frame, or you can keep your existing bed and have them make a painted wood headboard to keep up with your theme.

modern rustic bedroom renovation ideas
image: Ezra Lee Design+Build

Modern White elegance

White is the colour of serenity, and an elegant white master bedroom can help you get calming sleep each night. What’s even better is it is an excellent base colour you can use for colour accents.

Start your renovations by replacing your old flooring with white porcelain tiles. Porcelain tiles are excellent flooring materials because they are durable and easy to maintain. They are resistant to stains, scratches and strong chemical cleaners, making it easy for you to maintain their pure white look.

Have your walls painted white with colour accents to break the monotony. You can also use light grey paint that looks great on a white bedroom. You can make your bed frame the centrepiece of your bedroom by replacing it with an elegant black frame that demands attention.

If you’re not sure about the colours you want to incorporate in your white modern bedroom, check out our guide on 2022’s hottest interior colour palettes.

bedroom renovation ideas
image: Eloisa Conti

Modern Scandinavian

A modern Scandinavian style is one of the best modern bedroom renovation ideas you can explore if you’re after a serene bedroom atmosphere. You can have your walls repainted in either white or blue colour that can help you achieve a good night’s sleep after a long day at work.

Natural wood is another crucial element of this design. Replace your old flooring with long and wide natural wood planks. You can also replace your window frames with natural wood frames to achieve that elegant yet straightforward Scandi look.

scandinavian bedroom renovation ideas

Modern Mediterranean

The Mediterranean is a fusion of Spanish, Greek, Italian and North African styles, making it one of the most exciting modern bedroom renovation ideas. You can start your renovations with textured walls in deep blue, turquoise, or white colour to start your bedroom renovation.

Use Moroccan style as your inspiration for your flooring by replacing your old floor with hexagonal porcelain tiles in brown or brick red colour.

To make your bedroom look roomier, you can install a vaulted ceiling that gives the illusion of space and complement it with exposed wood beams to top off your Mediterranean style bedroom.

bedroom renovation ideas
image: The Home Consultant

Modern Tuscan

Tuscany is one of the most popular regions in Italy. It reminds people of vineyards, rolling hills and sun-drenched gardens, and you can transform your master bedroom into a Tuscan bedroom with the help of the right contractor.

Tuscan style bedrooms use earthy colours, and you can use a colour scheme that utilizes beige, rose, earthy oranges, deep reds, dark browns and light blues. Stone walls or textured concrete walls can give your Tuscan bedroom a modern twist. Another crucial element of a Tuscan bedroom is natural light, and you can achieve this by replacing your windows with floor-to-ceiling ones that you can complement with Roman shades and valances. Talk to a designer and discuss how you can achieve this design.

tuscany bedroom renovation ideas
image: Henry William Woide Godfrey / Woide Angle Photography

Modern Victorian

Victorian style is all about dark, rich colours and elegant furniture and is one of the best modern bedroom renovation ideas for you if you want to add value to your home.

Plaster walls in dark blue, black, or dark purple are your best option for your bedroom wall. Another option is to use thick and velvety wallpaper with a floral or fleur de Lis pattern. For your flooring, add a modern touch by using herringbone pattern tiles or diagonal wood parquet. You can also replace your lighting fixtures with a grand chandelier for that unmistakable Victorian opulence.

victorian bedroom renovation ideas
image: Joey Leicht

Modern Minimalist

Minimalism is all about cleanliness and a monochromatic palette, and you can start your renovations by getting rid of shelves or wall-mounted cabinets or storage boxes. Instead of just having plain painted walls, use monotone suede wallpaper to achieve that minimalist yet modern wall.

Natural light also plays a vital role in a minimalist bedroom, and you can achieve this by removing your old shutter windows and replacing them with big clear windows that let in more natural light.

bedroom renovation ideas
image: Millimeter Interior Design

Modern Cottage

Modern cottage is a bedroom design that combines the comforts of modern bedrooms with the nostalgia of grandma’s quaint farmhouse, and you can renovate your master bedroom to achieve this effect.

A modern cottage bedroom often has a sloping ceiling with exposed beams making this a crucial part of your renovation project. For your walls, you can have simple white or light grey walls. You can use whitewashed wood panelling as an accent and avoid your room looking too flat.

Another element you can include is replacing your bedroom door with a barn-style sliding door.

bedroom renovation ideas

Modern Art Deco

Symmetry and metallics are two distinct characteristics of modern art deco, so be sure to incorporate these in your renovations. You can start by using black and white marble mosaic patterns on your walls to give you that eclectic modern art deco style. Another idea is to use metal and glass accent panels on your walls and ceiling. If metal panels are not your thing, you can use elaborate wood mouldings to adorn your ceiling.

You can replace your vinyl or carpeted floor with geometric porcelain tiles to make it livelier and artsier for your floor.

art deco bedroom renovation ideas

Modern Shabby Chic

Shabby chic is a marriage of lively Bohemian and comforting rustic design and is one modern renovation idea that has been gaining popularity for several years now. For your bedroom floor, use weathered wood or natural hardwood with light colours. Paint over your walls with neutral or light colours like beige, light grey, or dirty white.

You can use whitewashed wood panels to adorn your ceiling or your headboard. Another shabby chic idea you can incorporate is the use of reclaimed shutter windows that you can find on flea markets or reclaim from newly-demolished houses.

Looking for other design inspirations? Check out our Inspiration Gallery to find the perfect bedroom design. You can find thousands of design inspirations from our Inspiration Gallery and save them to your own dashboard once you’ve created your personal Dreamspace account.

bedroom renovation ideas shabby chic
image: Raymour & Flanigan

How much should you spend?

The cost of renovating a master bedroom varies and will depend on the extent of renovations you want, but expect to spend at least $5,000. If you’re aiming for top-to-bottom renovations with custom fittings and finishing, you might have to spend up to $80,000.

If you’re on a budget and are looking to spend less on your renovation project, check out this guide on making cost-effective renovations.

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