Kitchenette design trends and tips

Kitchenette design trends, tips, and overall guide for 2022

Check out these kitchenette design trends and tips to kick off your small cooking space project in 2022.

Kitchenettes are excellent additions to any home because they can serve as a snack station when you’re hungry but don’t want to go down the kitchen. Kitchenettes are small, so you need to ensure that your kitchenette design prioritises function without sacrificing aesthetics. This article will let you in on some crucial tips on how you can design your kitchenette so you can make the most of the limited space you have. We will also let you in on amazing kitchenette designs that will trend in 2022, so you can get ahead of the pack.

Difference between kitchen and kitchenette

Kitchens and kitchenettes are both areas where you can cook and prepare meals, and the main difference between the two is their size. Kitchenettes are smaller than kitchens, which make them a more cost-effective type of renovation.

Due to the limited space, kitchenettes also have limited storage options. You’ll have a smaller countertop space to work on in a kitchenette. Unlike kitchens, kitchenettes often have just a few pieces of cooking equipment like a microwave oven, a toaster, a hot plate and a small fridge, while kitchens have full-sized fridges, ovens, and gas ranges.

Kitchenette vs kitchen

Where to add a kitchenette in your home

  • Master bedroom– adding a kitchenette to your master bedroom can turn it into a studio unit, and you can use your kitchenette to enjoy a late night. If you have a mini-fridge, you can also have a nightcap or stock it with your favourite food.
  • In-law suite – if you have a room in your house where your elderly parents or in-laws often stay, then adding a kitchenette is an excellent idea. You can stock it with food and drinks, so they won’t need to go to the kitchen if they need to eat late at night.
  • Basement – most people turn their basements into a workout area, a media room, or a home office and a kitchenette is an excellent addition since you can stock your kitchenette with snacks for your family’s movie night. You can also fill up your kitchenette with post-workout snacks or food when you need to work at home.

If you’re not sure yet where to install a kitchenette, talk to a building designer about the ideal location in your home. A building designer usually has an eye for a great floor plan.

Kitchenette design

Kitchenette design trends for 2022

Wet bar kitchenette

If you have a basement for storage, why not convert it into a party room? Add a kitchenette that will double as a wet bar for entertaining guests. As more people turn to entertaining guests at home, we expect wet bar kitchenettes to be more common. It provides you with a way to entertain guests in an intimate setting. The basement is also an excellent sound-proof area where you can party with guests without causing a stir in the neighbourhood.

For your wet-bar kitchenette, be sure to have a small fridge where you can stock cold drinks. You can put up hanging shelves above the countertop where you can store all the ingredients you need to make that perfect cocktail.

Kitchenette design wet bar

Kitchen carts 

Due to limited space, it is crucial to design your kitchenette with space-saving features, and kitchen carts are excellent space-saving devices. A freestanding cart can provide you with valuable counter space and storage area. You can use the top portion of the kitchen cart as a preparation area when you want to cook something. If you want to make your kitchen cart classier, you can add an elegant and durable granite top to your kitchen cart.

What’s great about a kitchen cart is that you can also wheel it around if you want breakfast in bed or use it as a makeshift snack cart during movie night.

Kitchenette cart
image: Mascheroni Construction

Secret kitchenette

Having a hidden kitchenette in your bedroom is an excellent idea, but you probably don’t want to be looking at plates and utensils while lying on your bed. The best thing to do in this case is to have a secret kitchenette recessed into the wall of your bedroom. You can have sliding doors that you can use to keep the kitchenette out of sight when you don’t need it. To make your kitchenette as inconspicuous as possible, you can choose a sliding door with the same colour or design as your wardrobe cabinet.

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kitchenette design

Miniature appliances

Space saving is the name of the game in kitchenettes, and miniature kitchen tools and appliances can help you conserve valuable space. Miniature kitchen appliances can help ensure that you can still prepare a meal for yourself even if you don’t have full-size equipment like a gas range, oven, or fridge. Examples of must-have miniature equipment include a single-cup coffee maker, microwave oven, a pint-size mixer, mini fridge, or a mini blender.

Kitchenette design with miniature appliances

Natural materials

Creating a theme for your kitchenette doesn’t have to be expensive, and one of the best ways to do this is to fill your kitchenette with tools made from natural materials. Instead of a mishmash of plastic, rubber and metal tools and equipment, you can buy equipment made from natural materials. This is already a trend, and we expect it to continue next year as more people move away from plastic equipment and move towards eco-friendly and biodegradable options. 

You can equip your kitchen with a wooden chopping board, salt shaker, pepper grinder, spoons, forks and spatulas. You can also buy wicker storage baskets, bamboo placemats, or kitchenware.

Kitchenette design
image: Ambroise Tézenas.

Industrial kitchenette 

One theme that we expect to trend next year is industrial kitchenettes because of their simplicity and functionality. Stainless steel is the main material for an industrial kitchenette and is a favoured material for most homeowners because it is durable and easy to maintain. Stainless steel also gives your kitchenette the look of a mini commercial kitchen. Exposed bricks, visible plumbing and open cabinets and shelving, can give your kitchenette that full industrial look.

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Industrial kitchenette design

Tips when creating a small kitchen or a kitchenette

  • Location – think hard where you want to have your kitchenette so you can maximise its use. If you want to have a kitchenette in your basement, decide which part of the basement you want to use. Remember that you need plumbing and electricity for your kitchenette, so choose a location where you can get water and electricity easily.
  • Appliances – carefully choose which appliances or tools you need in your kitchenette. You are working in a limited space, so select only those that you cannot do without. Think of your usual midnight snacks or light meals to understand which appliances you need to create them.
  • Storage – maximise the storage in your kitchenette through space-saving measures like Lazy-Susan shelves, pull-out storage bins or pull-out preparation areas.
  • Colours – bright colours are excellent for kitchenettes because they can make the area look roomier than it is. However, it is also vital that you use a colour that reflects your personality to make your kitchenette a part of your home as any other.

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Having a kitchenette is something that any homeowner would love because of how convenient it is. If you have a kitchenette in your master bedroom, you can have a late snack or a nightcap without going down the kitchen. A kitchenette in your basement can help you entertain guests or provide your family with snacks and refreshments during movie nights. 

If you want to have the best kitchenette design for your family, make sure that you consult a professional designer. With a professional designer helping you, you are sure to have a beautiful and functional kitchenette to rival those you see in upscale hotel rooms.

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