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10 high-tech home improvement ideas

These cool, intelligent, and innovative home features will become the envy of all your neighbours.

According to Research and Markets, 2.3 million homes across Australia have at least one smart home device in 2021. Here at Dreamspace, we’ve met thousands of renovators who want to incorporate smart home products into their home improvement projects too, knowing that reliable technology in their homes will make their lives more convenient. 

If you haven’t heard about it yet, smart homes refer to houses with automated systems where all or most electronic devices are connected to each other over a digital home network. You can control these devices remotely using a smartphone or a tablet. To boot, you can automate functions (e.g. lighting, door locks, entertainment systems, thermostats, robot vacuums, etc.) to make life much more comfortable and convenient. 

Let’s look into the most popular smart home plus a few high-tech home improvement ideas that you might like. 

1. Smart lights

Want to make your newly renovated home safer and more energy-efficient? Include the installation of smart lighting in your plans! 

high-tech home improvement

Smart lighting works best as part of a digital home network because it allows you to control the lights remotely ⸺ a very convenient functionality for people who forget to switch the lights off when leaving a room or the house. It also allows you to pre-plan and schedule your lighting via your mobile device. You can program your outdoor lighting to automatically turn on when the sun sets and turn off when the sun rises. You can set up your Christmas light decorations, so it turns on and off at the same time every day. You can also prearrange your bedroom lights, so it gently brightens the room in the morning when it’s time for you to wake up.

stair lighting home improvement

The smart lighting solutions for your utility areas, bathrooms, and stairs are a bit different. These are better with motion sensors so they turn on when you’re using the space and turn off when you leave. Night lights in your stairs keep you safe when climbing up and down the stairs at night, preventing accidents, tripping over, and stubbing your toes.

2. Smart window treatments

There are setups that allow you to operate interior and exterior window treatments with a flick of a switch. Window treatments like shutters and blinds block the hot rays of the sun from passing through the window, preventing heat gain. You can save thousands of dollars on your power bills annually when you have a more stable and comfortable indoor temperature. 

home improvement exterior blinds
home improvement exterior blinds

3. Smart thermostat

The new models of smart thermostats learn your indoor temperature preferences and adjust based on the weather. Some have location tracking in addition to remote operation, which instructs the thermostat to cool or warm the house in preparation for your return.

home improvement smart home
Amazon's Alexa enabled smart thermostat

4. Smart smoke alarm & water-efficient automist

The new breed of smoke alarms pairs well with a water-efficient automist system. The set-up makes a noise when there’s a fire whilst emitting a fine mist that puts it out. These automist systems like the Automist Smartscan by Plumis do what a traditional sprinkler system does but use less water. These are easier to retrofit to a house during a home renovation too.

home improvement
home improvement
home improvement
Nest Protect smoke alarm

5. Hidden carport or pop-up garage

If you have a sports car or a collection of cars, you might want to dig under your garage for a pop-up carport like this. Some install this under their driveway for easier parking (and to wow guests that come over).

home improvement
B29 Architects
home improvement
Alan Hasoo Photography

6. Instant boiling water tap

Instant boiling water taps fitted in the sink or cooking area were often seen in the homes of Hollywood celebrities. A kitchen feature like this suits the lifestyle of busy homeowners. There’s no need to wait for the water to boil; you have instant boiling water coming out of your faucet.

home improvement

7. High-tech LED bathroom tapware

In relation to the kitchen tap above, here’s a smart bathroom tap with an LED light that changes colour to indicate the water temperature. This tap from Hansa lights up red when the water is hot, magenta when it’s warm, and blue when it’s cold. This high-tech tap is great for family bathrooms because it provides visual cues when it’s safe to wash hands, preventing burns and scalds.

home improvement
Hansa bathroom taps

8. Residential lifts or elevators

Lifts are another over-the-top addition to a multiple storey residence. An elevator like this in your home sends you up and down one floor to another. This design feature also helps individuals with disabilities and mobility issues. 

high-tech home improvement elevator home lift
Image credit: Savaria

9. Privacy glass

If you have plans to renovate your bathroom so it captures natural light and creates a beautiful view, consider using switchable electric privacy glass or what most people know as ‘peek-a-boo glass’. With a flick of a switch, this bathroom’s floor-to-ceiling window will shield the bathroom interiors from the view of people using the outdoor bbq space. 

home improvement
home improvement
Image credit: Bayview Design Group

10. Mechanical closet

Another high-tech and practical addition to your bedroom are mechanical closets. These closets have mechanical arms which help you access clothes stored up high. Make room for this inside your bedroom or in your walk-in closet.

Explore more dream-worthy ideas for your bedroom renovation.  

home improvement
Tailored LIving Canada

All of these home design features started out as gimmicks, which designers and homeowners took seriously later after realising how much it can improve people’s lives. There are many more smart home technologies, high-tech gizmos, and over-the-top home improvement ideas like these out there ⸺ and many more will come out in the upcoming years. Be bold and embrace the ones that will make your life at home more convenient.

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