Triple-glazed windows

A guide to using triple-glazed windows: the pros, cons, and price in Australia

Is triple glazing necessary? Is it a worthy option, or should you go with double-glazed windows?

We usually hear of double-glazed windows as a great option for windows because of their excellent insulating capabilities, but there is another type of windowpane called triple-glazed windows. As its name implies, it has three panes of glass in one frame instead of the two panes of glass found on double-glazed windows. Between the panes of glass, you will find an air pocket or a pocket of inert gas, typically argon. Argon is an excellent insulator against heat and noise. 

The question now is, is triple glazing necessary? Is it a worthy option, or should you go with double-glazed windows?

Advantages of triple-glazed windows

Increased insulation

Homeowners choose triple-glazed windows because of their insulating properties. The three panes of glass and the argon combine to act as a barrier that insulates interiors from the outside temperature. It can help prevent high outdoor temperatures from affecting the temperatures inside your home. During winter, it can help contain the heat from your heating system inside your home so your family can stay warm. It can also prevent the cold draft from getting inside your home and forcing your heating system to work harder. 

Better sound-proofing

Although it cannot make your home completely sound-proof, triple glazing your windows can offer more sound-proofing than double-glazed windows because of the extra pane of glass it contains. Combined with thick curtains, it can provide adequate sound-dampening to your home, especially if you live in a crowded neighbourhood or if your house is located along a busy street or one that has a lot of vehicle traffic. 

Triple-glazed windows vs double-glazed windows

Reduced condensation

Water droplets collect on cold surfaces like windows when it comes in contact with humid air. The third pane of glass makes a window more insulated and reduces the chances of condensation from forming. You might not realize it, but condensation on windows is more harmful than you might think. 

Condensation on windows increases the concentration of some indoor pollutants. High humidity results in moist air, making it ideal for the growth of mould and bacteria, which can lead to respiratory problems. Mould is an allergen and can be life-threatening to some people. 

Moisture can also affect the structure of your house because it causes the materials in and around the window pane to rot. In addition, building materials with high moisture can attract pests like termites because moist wood is their natural food source. 

Increased durability and security

Due to the additional pane of glass, triple-glazed windows are more durable than ordinary windows and double-glazed windows. They are also tougher to break and add an additional security layer for your family.


As mentioned earlier, windows that use triple glazing are more energy-saving and efficient in keeping out cold drafts and trapping heat which means a more efficient heating system. This means you can also save money because your heating system won’t have to work hard to keep your home interior warm.

This is also good for the environment because your house will consume less electricity and contribute to combating global warming.

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Disadvantages triple-glazed windows

New frames

Windows that use triple glazing are heavier than ordinary or double-glazed windows because of the extra pane of glass. Transitioning to triple glazing might require you to change your window fitting because the existing one might not be able to handle the weight of triple-glazed windows. This is not a huge problem, though, and you can talk with your window installer on how to reinforce your window fitting to accommodate the weight of the replacement window. 


Compared to other window types, windows with triple glazing are more expensive because they use more materials. However, the difference in costs is only during the installation. You can quickly recoup the additional costs with savings because of the insulating properties of your new windows. 

Professional installation

Even if you have handyman skills, it is recommended to get professional help when installing windows with triple glazing because improper installation might compromise their insulating capabilities. As mentioned earlier, these types of windows are also heavier, and improper installation might compromise the structural integrity not just of your window frames but the areas surrounding them. 

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Price of triple-glazed windows

Depending on the quality of the glass, installing windows with triple glazing can cost between $550 to $1,150 per pane. The labour cost will depend on your location but ranges between $150 to $500 per hour. A professional window installer might also be able to direct you to a glazier who supplies excellent windows at affordable prices.

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Triple-glazed windows are excellent choices because of the many benefits they can offer, like their insulating properties and their additional security layer. If you’re considering replacing your windows with triple-glazed ones, then speak with a professional window installer so you can reap all of their advantages and none of their disadvantages via Dreamspace.

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