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Complete guide to architectural drafting if you’re hiring a draftsman

Learn the ABCs of architectural drafting and how it can benefit your renovation project.

Are you doing a renovation and want to engage a professional who can assist you in planning your dream space? A draftsman can help you in more ways than one. However, there is often confusion regarding the services a draftsman provides. 

At Dreamspace, we often get questions like:

  • What is a draftsman?
  • What’s the difference between a draftsman and an architect?
  • What is drafting or architectural drafting?
  • How can drafting or architectural drafting help in a project?

As one of Australia’s biggest networks of architecture, design, renovation, and drafting professionals, Dreamspace can provide a clear picture as to what a draftsman really is. We’ll also shed light on the processes of drafting and explain why drafting is vital to your home renovation project.

What is a draftsman and what services does a draftsman provide?

A draftsman, (also known as draftsperson), is a professional who prepares detailed technical drawings or plans for your custom home or remodel projects. If you already have an initial design in mind, you need a draftsperson to turn that design into a blueprint which can serve as a guide for the construction team. Draftsmen commonly get a two-year associate’s degree in drafting that will provide them with the knowledge and skills to apply for drafting roles.

what is a draftsman and its services
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Connect with top-notch architectural drafters across Australia via Dreamspace. Our  provide high-quality working drawings for construction and/or renovation projects. These draftsmen are highly skilled in using special computer software to render technical drawings of your home designs. 

What is drafting?

Drafting, or technical drawing, is the architectural process of creating accurate representations of houses, buildings, or any structure you want to build. 

Technical drawings are requirements that you need to submit if you want to have your building approved. 

Technical drawings are crucial because they guide builders on how your building will look like. They also provide contractors with an idea of how your building functions.

Because of the reasons cited above, drafting plays a crucial role in any renovation or new building project. 

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Knowing the differences between a draftsman, an architect, and a building designer

To ensure that you are hiring the right person for your project, you must know the responsibilities and capabilities of each role.

In a previous article, we discussed the similarities and differences between architects, draftsmen, and building designers. If you haven’t read the article, check it out to have a better idea of how each role can benefit your project. 

After determining the right professional to hire, you can proceed to plan your project using our platform. Our matching technology can help you find a professional who can help make your project a success. 

If you need immediate assistance with your project, we can help match you with the right draftsperson, architect, and designer through Dreamspace’s advanced matching technology. These experts are ready to provide you with valuable inputs that will get your project off the ground. Provide them with crucial details of the project to assess it and recommend what type of professionals you need and where to get them.

Expect to pay different rates for architects, building designers, and draftsmen. Building designers often charge more compared to draftsmen because draftsmen don’t usually provide detailed design work. 

How much does it cost to engage a draftsperson?

The fees that draftsmen charge depend on the size of the project, its location, and the complexity of the work you require. Draftsmen also charge depending on the project they are working on and the type and number of documents they need to produce. 

The experience and set of skills that draftsperson possess also play a huge role in determining the fees that they charge. 

If you want a better idea of how much a Dreamspace draftsman will cost you for your next project, feel free to request a free quote.

Design, drafting, or both – what do you need?

Most customers want to know the differences between design and drafting and whether they need one or the other. Most of the time, our customers need the services of both building designers and draftsmen. 

Draftsmen don’t provide building designs. If you need professional input on the design and structure of your project, you need the services of building designers or architects. 

If you want to hire the best professionals to help you with your project, you can count on Dreamspace to match you with the right professional. Sign up with Dreamspace so you can start planning your project today!

You can engage a building designer via the Dreamspace project planning dashboard. Dreamspace’s designers use CAD to deliver accurate designs in a short period. This makes it easy to update the design if you have changes that you want to implement in the future. 

Design revisions and architectural drawings updates

Changing building design is normal and vital to any project. If you want to change any element of the design or the building designer wants to correct design flaws, these get done through design changes. 

Here at Dreamspace, our customers have several opportunities to change the design or if they want revisions on the technical drawings. These are free of charge but only for a limited number of instances. If the changes that customers want are not covered by the original project parameters, customers might incur extra charges. 

When is the best time to engage a draftsman?

You must have a draftsman working with you when you begin your project because the draftsman will prepare your building’s plans. You will require a design sketch of your home’s existing layout. Your draftsman will also prepare all the documentation you will need when you apply for approval from your local council. 

The fastest way to find a qualified architectural draftsman

Hiring a professional nowadays is easier because most professionals advertise online. All you need to do is search for a professional who offers drafting services. The downside with this is determining if you are hiring a qualified professional can be tricky. You need to conduct exhaustive research just to be sure that you are hiring the best. 

This is something that you need not worry about when working with Dreamspace because:

  • We vet our draftsmen to ensure that you are hiring the best. 
  • We use the latest technology to match you with the draftsman whose specialisation corresponds with the type of project you have. 
  • The choice of the draftsman is entirely your own.
  • Our app allows you to constantly stay in touch with your draftsman to ensure continuous collaboration. 
  • We make sure that all project documents are secure in a centralised online location.
  • You can access all drawings anytime you want to. 

In the unlikely event  the draftsman you chose isn’t working out as you’d expected , you have the luxury of switching to another draftsman in our extensive network of professionals. 

Working with your Dreamspace draftsman

We have project consultants standing by to ensure that you get all the support you need from your draftsman and that your draftsman will be with you throughout the entire construction process. 

Your Dreamspace draftsman will make sure that you have your site plan and floor plans. During the design phase, your draftsman will provide the site plan, floor plans and elevations.

When you get to the stage where you need your local council’s approval, your draftsman will provide you with shadow diagrams and any other technical drawings and other documents they might require. 

Using the Dreamspace platform, you can get all the documents you need via the project planning dashboard when you reach the stage to secure building approval. You can collate the drawings that you need, including your site plan, sections, floor plans and construction details with Dreamspace. 

Benefits of engaging a draftsman

Dreamspace believes that you need to enjoy every moment you spend building your dream house. To ensure that you have the best experience possible:

  • We make sure that getting the right draftsman for your project is easy and fast. 
  • Get connected to draftsmen who can provide you with all the documentation you need. 
  • Dreamspace draftsmen have exhaustive knowledge of local regulations and building codes. They are also well-versed in providing excellent customer service to ensure that customers receive excellent results all the time. 
  • We can provide customers with a 3D virtual tour of their homes to have a better idea of how their draftsman’s design looks before construction.

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