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5 smart home additions ideas for a more functional home this 2022

Smart home additions used to be a luxury, but they have now become go-to reno projects for families looking to add value and functionality to their properties.

Taking advantage of technological innovations is an excellent way to make your home more functional and liveable. Although most people think of home security systems when they hear about smart home systems, smart home technology involves a wide range of devices you can use in just about any area in your home—including your home additions!

This article will let you in on some fantastic smart home additions you can explore if you’re looking for a home improvement project that has a significant impact on your family’s life.

Smart granny flat

A granny flat is a valuable home area for housing guests, a live-in nanny, or in-laws to give them privacy during their stay.

If you plan on making your granny flat a smart home area, a smart thermostat system is an excellent option to keep your granny flat at optimum temperature at all times. A smart thermostat system is beneficial for aging in-laws because it can help ensure a comfortable environment during their stay. This smart home system will ensure that the indoor temperature in your granny flat adjusts automatically depending on the outside temperature.

You can also install smart door locks on your granny flat, enabling guests to come and go as they please since you can provide them with a temporary security PIN they can use.

All these features will definitely add value to your property, especially if you’ll open the property for lease. Just talk to a building designer on how to best layout the granny flat to best maximise the smart technology features.

If adding value is your priority for your home renovation project, check out these value-adding home additions that we’ve compiled.

smart home additions granny flat
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Smart outdoor kitchen

If you love entertaining guests, this is one of the most useful smart home additions you can explore. Outdoor kitchens are in vogue today especially that alfresco dining is considered safer now due to Covid-19. To level up your experience, why not modernise your outdoor kitchen and make it “smarter” than usual?

You can equip your outdoor kitchen with a smart oven range you can program and control anywhere using your smartphone. It lets you adjust the temperature or cooking mode using its companion app so you can prepare your signature dish while on your way home from work. You can preheat your smart oven range while you’re finishing your groceries, so your oven is ready for use by the time you get home. There are also smart slow cookers that let you adjust the temperature, timers, and other settings using your smartphone.

smart kitchen
image source: Kim Duffin for Sublime Luxury Kitchens & Bathrooms

Smart indoor-outdoor bathroom

Nothing compares to a perfect bath to relax after a tiring day. If you have an indoor-outdoor bathroom, you’re in for a treat because this type of bathroom gives you that spa vibe. If you’re planning to build one, add some smart features to level up the experience and turn your bathroom into the ideal home oasis.

Start with a smart shower, so you don’t need to guess if the water in your shower is just the right temperature. Most smart showers use LED lights as visual cues, so you know when the water is at the perfect temperature. There are also smart toilets with lids that automatically open and close using proximity sensors. Some smart toilets have heated seats and integrated bidets to make them even more comfortable.

For more ideas on outdoor renovations, check out our comprehensive guide on outdoor home renovations.

smart indoor-outdoor kitchen
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Smart guest bedroom

A smart bedroom is one of the best ways to make guests feel welcome in your home, and you have several options you might want to consider. You can install smart lights so your guests can dim or turn them off using voice controls or their smartphones. 

There are also smart shades your guests can raise or lower down using voice commands if they want more natural light in the guest bedroom. Like with your granny flat, you can also install a smart thermostat to ensure that guests will always have the perfect bedroom temperature throughout their stay.

smart home additions guest bedroom
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Smart exercise room

Smart exercise rooms are the most popular smart home additions for fitness lovers because they make working out a breeze. Smart home systems often include a wide variety of exercise equipment like dumbbells, kettlebells and weight plates.

Most of them also include a large touch screen display that acts as a multimedia device you can use to follow exercise videos or work out with a virtual or remote fitness instructor. You can also use the touchscreen display to watch yourself as your exercise, ensuring that you have the correct form all the time.

smart home additions exercise room
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Planning to design and build a smart home?

If you’re planning on improving your home but have no idea what kind of project to pursue, you should consider smart home additions because they can make your home more liveable and functional. Smart home additions are worthwhile home improvement projects because they can benefit all your family members. They can also increase the value of your home if you’re planning to sell it in the future to move to a bigger house.

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