elements of home renovation

Elements of home renovation: featuring before and after photos of Dreamspace’s renovated homes

These elements of home renovation can dictate how successful your home renovation project will be.

Renovating a house is a huge undertaking and involves several fundamental elements you need to consider. These elements of home renovation can dictate how successful your project will be. Whether you want to renovate a portion of your home or aim to overhaul your house completely, it is essential to note that renovating your home requires time and money, so you need to ensure that you achieve your end goal of making your house more functional and liveable while updating its look. This article will tell you everything you need to know about the critical elements of a home renovation to help you ensure that you are wisely investing your time and money. We will also showcase some of Dreamspace’s best home renovation projects (with before and after images) over the years so you can have a better idea of what design or style you’d like for your own project.

kitchen and dining area before and after renovation

Why renovate your home?

  • To save you money – renovating a home can help prevent damages to your house from worsening, which may require more expensive repairs.
  • To add value to your property – renovating your house can make it more appealing to buyers if you’re planning on selling. 
  • To make your home more liveable – renovating your home can make it more suitable to meet your family’s needs. An example is renovating your dining room to allow it to seat more people. 
  • To help you save on utilities – a home renovation that involves replacing old fixtures can help you save money by using newer and energy-efficient alternatives.
elements of home renovation

Essential elements of home renovation


Like with any project, careful planning can help increase your chances of success when renovating your home. Although most homeowners have an idea of what they want to do with their house during renovations, a detailed plan can help ensure that your ideas are feasible.

This element of home renovation requires working closely with an expert draftsman. Draftsmen help homeowners by providing them with detailed drawings of their home renovation. These detailed drawings act as guides that renovation experts can use to renovate a home. Project consultants can use these drawings to develop a timeline to predict how long a renovation project can take. On top of this, the drawings that draftsmen provide can help project consultants give homeowners an estimate of the budget that a home renovation project will require because they can use the drawings to identify the materials they will use. 

Having open communication with a draftsman is crucial in developing plans that reflect the homeowner’s vision. The draftsman can advise on whether what the homeowner wants is feasible or if they need to explore another option. 

In the sample picture below, the goal of the renovation is to have an open kitchen to maximise space and create an illusion of expansion. This required knocking down the wall and placement of a sliding glass door resulting in a continuous line of sight that made the interior look larger.

living room reno

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Style is one of the most important elements of home renovation. Homeowners have different tastes in style and design, so coming up with a consensus among family members is important. Although it’s tempting to go with a trendy style, it is crucial to ensure that your style choice won’t go out of fashion after a year or two. If you are planning to sell your house in the future, avoid styles that are over the top no matter how much you like them because they can make selling your house challenging. 

Having a particular style is also crucial because it dictates the materials you will use during your home renovation. For example, if you want to go for an industrial design for your house interior, expect to use lots of metals and concrete during your home renovation. 

If you have no idea what style will suit your house, work with an expert building designer. The designer can gather your ideas and develop a style that reflects them.  

elements of home renovation

This house renovation project involves transforming a classical house into a contemporary home. The renovated house looks brighter and more inviting. You will also notice the improved curb, making the home appealing to buyers should the homeowner decide to sell it.


Renovating a house requires a budget, and there is no limit on how much you can spend, especially if you want to renovate the entire house. The amount of money you need to renovate will depend on the style you aim for and the materials you will use. Your budget also depends on the scope of renovations, so expect to shell out more if you want a complete renovation of your home. 

Discuss with your project consultant, draftsman, architect, or building designer the renovations you want to complete so they can give you an estimate of the budget you need to prepare. If you are working on a limited budget, you can scale back your plans and set aside some of the renovations until you have the needed budget. When your consultant has given you an estimate of how much the renovations will cost, plan for a contingency of up to 20 percent of your budget. This will cover unforeseen costs, and planning will ensure that your home renovation proceeds as planned even when faced with additional expenses.  

In the picture below, the renovation involves freshening the house’s exteriors without structural alterations. Since the home renovation involves repainting the exteriors and some minor repairs, it requires a smaller budget than one that requires a complete remodelling. 

If you don’t have an idea yet on how much the renovation project will cost, sign up to Dreamspace now and get a free quote.

Renovation professionals

Although it is tempting to renovate your home by yourself, hiring a team of renovation experts (such as a draftsman, a designer, or a project consultant) can ensure that you achieve your desired results. Working with a team can help relieve the stress of a home renovation because you can concentrate on managing your business or going to work. These individuals are also knowledgeable on home renovation techniques that you might not know, like the newest tools that make renovations easier. 

When hiring any renovation professionals, you can reach out to a company that can connect you to thousands of professionals specialising in different areas like engineering, drafting, design, surveying, and more.

How to find the best renovation professionals

As mentioned earlier, renovating your home requires you to work with home renovation professionals like draftsmen and building designers, and you must hire the best experts in the field to ensure the success of your renovation project. So, how do you ensure that you hire the best?

There are project coordination websites (such as Dreamspace) where you can connect with thousands of professionals and request price quotations for your projects so you can save valuable time.

Using Dreamspace, you don’t need to compile a list of candidates or conduct interviews to hire the ideal person for the job. Dreamspace will filter your options and match you with the right person to work with based on your project brief. Dreamspace will provide you with their credentials, applicable licenses, and contact information. You can then create your own team on our platform and coordinate the project there using our multiple tools (3D visualization, guides, Inspiration Gallery, and more).

Elements of home renovation: Before and after home renovation projects from Dreamspace

We know you came for this, so we’re featuring Dreamspace’s past design projects to inspire you during your own home renovation project:

pool renovation before and after
elements of home renovation
home renovation
outdoor deck before and after
living area before and after
kitchen and dining area before and after renovation


Although renovating your house is a challenging task, it can lead to satisfying results if you carefully consider the elements involved in it. The elements discussed in this article can guide you in every step of your renovations and ensure that you achieve your desired results. If you can visualise your ideal home and find the right professionals to help you during renovations, you can have a functional, comfortable, and fantastic house to look at. 

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