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13 budget kitchen makeovers to try when you’re on a budget

These kitchen makeovers are some of the best transformations of all time.

A kitchen renovation is one of the most expensive home improvement projects to undertake. Many homeowners find this tricky and impossible to do when they are on a tight budget. Don’t worry, Dreamspace is here to help you make your kitchen reno possible! There are budget kitchen makeover ideas that can boost the space’s functionality, ergonomics, storage, organization, and aesthetics. Here are several brilliant ideas to try, plus a few tips to help you in the process: 

budget kitchen makeovers

Budget-friendly kitchen makeover ideas

1. Paint the current cabinets white

Having new cabinets is one of the biggest expenses in a kitchen renovation. To cut costs and save money, consider restoring the original cabinetry and giving them a new look. 

If your cabinets are a bit outdated but still in good shape, consider painting them with bright semi-gloss white paint. This technique does wonders and makes the dated cabinets appear timeless. 

budget kitchen makeovers

2.  Replace cabinet doors instead of the entire cabinetry

Another way to modernise outdated kitchen cabinets is to replace its doors. Measure your cabinet doors and purchase new ones off the shelf. Choose a style and colour that suits your new kitchen. 

Never remove and replace structurally sound cabinets; salvage them and spruce them up to get a fresh new look for a fraction of the price.

budget kitchen makeovers

3. Install stylish cabinet pulls

If you want to dress up an economical cabinetry with a very simple design, replace the original hardware with more stylish ones. Cabinet pulls are an easy purchase in most hardware and home improvement stores. Use them to customise off the shelf cabinets and to modernise dated ones too.

budget kitchen makeovers
Image credit: Joe Hendrickson Photography

4. Install cabinet liners

Take advantage of the space inside your cupboards when you install cabinet liners inside. This easy and inexpensive update not only boosts kitchen storage, it also helps you organise items inside the cabinets better.

budget kitchen makeovers

5. Install pull-out cabinet organizers

Smart kitchen updates make the most of storage capacity. You can boost and customize new or existing cabinets with storage features like these pull-out trays and cupboard organisers.

budget kitchen makeovers

6. Avoid tiling a huge kitchen wall surface

Tiles are the favourite backsplash material of many homeowners. A tile splashback is a stylish and functional design feature. It is nice to have, but it can drive the costs up as well. 

One way to minimise the costs is to install the tiles on surfaces where it’s most visually and functionally important. 

7. Invest in proper lighting

Installing more and better lighting to brighten the kitchen is necessary in all kitchen renovations. It is highly-recommended to illuminate the entire kitchen and use bright concentrated light on spots where you cook, prepare food, wash dishes, and dine. Use undercabinet lights to avoid casting shadows on the benchtops. Hang decorative mini pendant lights for a dramatic appeal. Install toe kick LED strip lights with motion sensors to accentuate the space too. 

Read our complete guide on kitchen renovations and start planning your dream project.

budget kitchen makeovers

8. Upgrade to stainless steel sinks and tapware

Stainless steel sinks are reliable and durable; these come in a number of styles, shapes, and sizes. For increased functionality, opt for a two-compartment or double bowl kitchen sink. This type of sink makes chores simpler and easier. Pair it with a high-quality stainless steel tap. When the budget allows, opt for tapware with user-eccentric features such as hand spray, flexible spouts, touch activation, and hands-free tech. A pair of stainless steel sink and tapware like these will look great and perform wonders in any kitchen.

budget kitchen makeovers

9. Build a diner style corner

Get a cosy, high-end look when you build a breakfast nook using a foamed built-in bench seating, a bargain table, and a set of plush throw pillows. A lounge-worthy corner like this is a focal point and a nice dining area at home. 

budget kitchen makeovers
Image credit: Joe Hendrickson Photography
Image credit: Joe Hendrickson Photography

10. Install a decorative sliding barn door

If you have a farmhouse or a country style kitchen, forget the standard swing doors. Opt for sliding barn doors instead! It is a creative and inexpensive design solution; you can purchase these rustic doors off the shelf at a low price or build them from scratch (like a DIY-project!).

budget kitchen makeovers

11. Spruce up your kitchen floors

If you need to replace your kitchen floors on a budget, opt for high-standard but less expensive flooring materials such as vinyl and cork. These are easier on your feet and back, and is ideal when you spend so much time in the kitchen. 

If you have wooden floors that are still in great shape, simply sand, stain, refinish them to bring out its beauty once more.

budget kitchen makeovers

12. Opt for butcher block benchtops

Wooden benchtops or butcher blocks are one of the most loved kitchen features of the decade! These charming work surfaces instantly give kitchens warmth. These are affordable, easy to work with, and flexible ⸺ the possibilities for customisation are endless!

budget kitchen makeovers

13. Purchase granite remnant stone instead of slabs

Granite remnants are the more affordable pieces of granite which you can purchase directly from the granite supplier’s warehouse. Trim the granite remnants to your desired shape and size, then refine the edges until you get the right size of granite surfaces needed in your kitchen reno

budget kitchen makeover

Save money on your kitchen makeover

  • Never skimp on design professionals, builders, and tradespeople – Engaging them minimises costly errors often committed in DIY kitchen projects, which saves you time and money in the long run. Get a free quote here
  • Procure building materials before construction – Preparing everything you need during the build phase helps you finish your kitchen makeover on time and on budget. Decide on everything you want in your kitchen, purchase everything you need, then have everything delivered on-site before construction to avoid delays. Take note of all the delivery dates by plotting them in your construction schedule. When an item you want is out of stock, look for something similar or identical to your first choice. Avoid buying something that is more expensive than your original choice to avoid going over budget. Never settle for lower quality substitutes as well.
  • Work with the existing layout – Keeping the original kitchen layout and preserving the utility lines will save you a lot of money. Find ways to improve the existing layout without moving the sink, dishwasher, and cooking range to avoid extra costs. 
budget kitchen makeover
Image credit: Joe Hendrickson Photography
  • Pay extra attention to your benchtop – The benchtop material is the most used surface in your kitchen. Splurge a little more on beautiful yet durable materials.
  • Reuse and recycle some of the renovation waste – Take a last look at the end pieces and remnants of the kitchen reno before these go to waste. You might be able to craft something useful from the excess lumber, tiles, paint, etc.. Use these and save money instead of throwing them away.
  • Go for timeless kitchen designs if you’re planning a budget kitchen makeover – Opt for functional and ergonomic  designs and classic colour palettes. You’ll save up on frequent renovations since your kitchen is unlikely to go out of style in the coming years. Simply update the space by switching up your accents!
  • Invest in functional and aesthetic decor to avoid extra costs – Many renovators are guilty of spending unnecessarily on decor. Cut costs when you choose kitchen appliances, cookware, and utensils with character that still compliment your kitchen design style. Display these so they can serve as decor as well. Not having so much decor saves you space in the kitchen too!
budget kitchen makeover

Planning budget kitchen makeover?

Always remember that even a few little changes in your kitchen design can and tie a look together. 

We hope these budget kitchen makeover ideas can help you improve your kitchen design, and may these help you get started on your dream kitchen makeover. 

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