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2022 best home gym designs that will make you want to work out daily

If you have a home gym, you can stick to your fitness routine while saving money from some fitness centres’ outrageous membership fees.

Working out in a gym is one of the best ways to stay healthy, but not all of us have the luxury of going to the gym daily. If you have a home gym, you can stick to your fitness routine while saving money from some fitness centres’ outrageous membership fees. You can also save time because you don’t have to travel to the gym to work out, and you can work out any time you want to. A home gym also provides a perfect environment for those who easily feel intimidated by other gym-goers. Here are some of the best home gym designs to inspire you as you work on achieving that fit body you’ve always dreamt of.

10 best home gym designs

Basement home gym

Basements make for excellent home gyms because they are secluded, and you won’t disturb other family members if you go through your fitness routine. What’s even better is basements have adequate space to house all your gym equipment. 

Start by ensuring that your basement floor is suitable for working out by laying out some rubber floor mats. They are soft to walk on, easy to maintain, and look great. Check your ceiling to ensure it is high enough if you are into powerlifting and want to use a barbell. If the ceiling is not high enough, you can work with a building designer to create a sunken area where you can use a barbell properly. 

If your basement doesn’t have proper ventilation, you need to add more windows or install an exhaust fan to make your basement more comfortable. 

home gym designs
image: Rule4 Building Group

Attic home gym

The attic is another favourite area for home gym enthusiasts because, just like the basement, you can enjoy your workout in peace. If you’re using your attic as a storage area, start by installing shelves so you can have a combination of storage space and workout area. 

Reinforce the flooring of your attic to ensure that it can handle the weight of your home gym equipment. It will also be great to soundproof your attic, so you don’t disturb other family members while working out. 

One of the challenges of an attic home gym is keeping it at comfortable temperatures while you work out. You can hire a contractor to insulate your attic using spray foam that can protect you from extreme temperatures. Spray foam can also dampen sound so you can work out in silence. 

home gym designs
image: newschainonline.com

Home yoga studio

If you are an avid yogi, this is a fantastic home gym. You can convert any unused bedroom in your home into a home yoga studio. Soundproofing your home yoga studio is the first order of business because silence and meditation are critical to a successful yoga session. 

Talk to a renovation expert about converting one wall of the bedroom into a floor to ceiling mirror so you can check your form as you go about your poses. You can also install some built-in storage where you can keep your mats and other yoga gear. 

home gym designs
image: Dream Finders Homes

Bedroom workout area

Having limited space in your house shouldn’t prevent you from having a home gym because there are fantastic home gym designs that don’t take up too much space. One idea is to convert a corner of your bedroom into a workout area. 

You don’t want a bedroom cluttered with workout equipment, so building additional storage options is a priority. You can go with open shelves to see the equipment you need easily. Another option is to create a wall bench with a storage area under the seat to make it more functional. 

You can install a carpet on the side of the bedroom you want to use or use rubber floor mats to dampen sound, so you don’t disturb your partner if you want an early morning workout. 

Home gym with playroom

This is a fantastic idea for parents who want to work out and still keep an eye on their little ones. Instead of just having a home gym, design one with an integrated playroom so you can spend quality time with your children. 

What’s critical for this home gym design is to create a partition between the two areas to prevent your children from hurting themselves with some of your heavy gym equipment. You can install a glass partition between the two areas, so you still have a clear line of sight to watch over your kids. Line the floor with some of your rubber floor mats to make it soft and safe for your children. You can also buy some toy workout equipment to get your kids started on their fitness journey. 

home gym designs
image: Eisner Design

Crossfit home gym

If you want to improve your physical strength, agility, and balance, then a Crossfit home gym is your best option, and you can create one in your garage or a spare room in your house. Make sure you have strong steel beams in your ceiling so you can hang gymnastic rings for strengthening exercises with some gym mats underneath to provide a cushion. 

It will be better if you have at least one concrete wall in your garage so you can mount heavy equipment like Olympic bars. A concrete wall is also essential if you want to install resistance bands to improve your mobility.

Modern home gym

The last few years have seen technological innovations change the way people work out and some of the best home gym designs take advantage of these innovations. 

What’s great about a modern home gym is it requires minimal space because there are now smart home gym systems that use multimedia touchscreen displays to guide you as you work out. You can purchase live workout sessions or follow pre-recorded workout videos. These multimedia displays let you view yourself as you work out and give you pointers on correcting your posture while doing exercises. 

modern exercise room
image: Shayna Rae

Extreme home gym

If you are an outdoors person and want to practice your skills while working out at home, why not design an extreme home gym for yourself? On top of the usual gym equipment, you can convert your wall into a makeshift rock climbing wall. Plan the complexity of your rock climbing wall depending on your rock climbing abilities. However, remember that the more complex your wall is, the more expensive it will be, so consult a home design expert to develop a design that suits your skills and your budget.  

garage exercise room
image: Jeri Koegel

Garage home gym

Garages are favourites when setting up home gyms because you can use them to work out without using liveable space inside your home. You can line up your equipment along the walls to leave room for your car. 

If your garage is just the right size for your car, then work with a designer to extend your garage. Extending your garage can provide you with enough space to work out without crowding out your vehicle. You can utilize your garage ceiling to save space by hanging punching bags for your cardio workout. If you have a little kid who loves ballet, you can install a ballet barre on one side so you can work out together.  

Patio home gym

Your patio offers an ideal space for your home gym if you have limited indoor space. What’s great about a patio is enjoying fresh air while working out. 

You can build a wall-mounted storage space to house all your gym equipment. If possible, make a waterproof one to prevent your gear from getting wet if it rains. You can utilize the walls by mounting resistance bands or weight lifting equipment. You can also use the railings on your patio or porch by using them for push-ups, or you can install pull-up bars. 

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separate exercise room
image: mydecorative.com

Hire a designer via Dreamspace

If you cannot go to the gym, then bringing the gym to your home is the next best thing. Dreamspace has a long list of professional designers across Australia who can help you design a home gym that suits your needs and can inspire you on your fitness journey. With Dreamspace, you can work with a designer who will make the most out of your home to give you a gym you can be proud of. 

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