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Extreme bedroom renovation ideas you can try when you have the budget

If you have the budget, there is almost no limit on what you can do during your bedroom renovation.

Whenever you read blogs about bedroom renovation ideas, you’ll most likely read about ideas for homeowners on a budget. You’ll read about renovation ideas with excellent results without breaking your bank. However, because those ideas will have you working on a budget, the ideas are limited, and the results may be something you’ve seen in other bedrooms before. If you have the budget, there is almost no limit on what you can do during your renovation. This article will tell you about some luxury bedroom renovation ideas that will push the boundaries of your imagination and transform your bedroom into the best it can be.

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Seven expensive bedroom renovation ideas for 2022

Louis XIV bedroom  

King Louis XIV’s name is synonymous with wealth and grandiosity so if you want a luxurious bedroom, do it in King Louis XIV style. This bedroom style takes inspiration from the Baroque masterpiece that is the Palace of Versailles, and will make you feel as if you are a member of the French royalty.  

Start your renovations by replacing your old floor with Versailles wood flooring or Versailles parquet. This flooring material harks back to the 17th century and features an intricate pattern that can make any room majestic. Instead of wallpaper, have your walls and ceiling done in Brocade to give it texture.  

Many furniture stores sell pieces of furniture done in King Louis XIV style, so you should have no problem looking for an ornate and gold-gilded bed, vanities, and chairs for your bedroom.

To complete your King Louis XIV bedroom, get a grand crystal chandelier that can light up your bedroom. Shine and shimmer is a central theme of King Louis style, so be sure to get a chandelier that looks astounding and will be the envy of anyone who sees it.

royalty-inspired luxury bedroom renovation
image: The Mansion Furniture

Aquarium bedroom 

An aquarium has a soothing effect on homeowners, making it a great bedroom décor. You’ll often see five to fifteen-gallon tanks decorating bedrooms, but if you can take this idea to the extremes and build an aquarium wall that will be the envy of your friends and neighbours.

Instead of a standalone aquarium, you can commission a huge aquarium that covers one wall of your bedroom. What’s great about this extreme bedroom idea is the aquarium lights can act as your nightlight, so you won’t have to sleep in total darkness.

There are also fish enthusiasts who use giant aquariums as substitutes for their headboards. You can have a custom aquarium that covers the top part of your bed so you can lull yourself to sleep while staring at a school of fish gliding peacefully.

Speaking of fish, you can populate your giant aquarium with a wide variety of gaily-coloured saltwater fish. Saltwater fishes are more striking and come in a wide range of colours. You can also have fun working with an aquarium expert so you can design your aquarium to ensure it replicates the ecosystem under the sea. Be sure to invest in a professional aquarium designer to ensure there won’t be leaks that can ruin your bedroom. 

bedroom with aquarium

Tropical bedroom

If you love the outdoors but live in the metro, why not bring the outdoors to your bedroom? Transforming your bedroom into a tropical paradise can help you get into a relaxing vibe every day and uplift your mood.

Start by replacing your tile floors with natural wood flooring. Natural wood flooring is warm to the touch and durable, so you’re getting your money’s worth. For your ceiling, ask your designer to design a vaulted ceiling made with reclaimed wood to give your bedroom an authentic tropical atmosphere. Another option is to go with a tray ceiling that can make your ceiling look higher than it is.

Ventilation is a critical factor for tropical-inspired bedrooms. You can improve air circulation by installing wooden Louvre windows that you can partially open to let in fresh air while helping you maintain privacy.

When it comes to furniture, many furniture makers specialise in rattan, bamboo or wicker pieces like tables, chairs, lamps, and ceiling fans so you can extend the tropical theme to your furniture. Instead of using a conventional headboard for your bed, you can use a carved wooden screen to add a whimsical touch to your bedroom.

tropical luxury bedroom renovation idea
tropical luxury bedroom renovation

Modern Luxury

Although luxury is often associated with classic bedroom designs, you can still make your bedroom luxurious even if you favour modern design.  

There are many options for flooring materials but if you want to go all out, then go for natural stone flooring. It screams luxury and can last decades without losing its lustre. It also works well with any bedroom design theme, including modern bedrooms. 

Modern bedrooms also feature wall accents, and you can choose brass, natural stone or any metallic accent to give character to your wall. Metal is also the material of choice for bed frames, lamps, and lighting fixtures so that you can use bronze, copper, or polished metal. There are also modern geometric chandeliers that can help provide sufficient lighting to your bedroom. 

A modern bedroom takes advantage of technological innovations to make it feel comfortable, and you should have a climate control system installed in your bedroom. There are also smart window options that automatically draw up or down your window shades at a set time.  

The centrepiece of a modern luxurious bedroom is a smart canopy bed. It has smart lighting that lights your path, so you don’t disturb your partner when you get up in the middle of the night. Another option is a smart bed with integrated OLED transparent TV that rolls out of the foot of your bed for some entertainment.  

Check out our Inspiration Gallery for luxury modern bedroom design ideas.  Our Gallery also features top-quality suppliers of home reno products, including furniture pieces, finishing materials, and more.

modern luxury bedroom renovation
grey luxury bedroom

Open plan master bedroom 

Aside from making your bedroom luxurious, another reason to renovate your bedroom is to make it roomier, and you can achieve both by creating an open plan bedroom layout. Instead of having a bedroom with a compartmentalised sleeping area, bathroom, and walk-in closet, combine all areas in one continuous area.  

What’s crucial in a renovation project like this is to maintain continuity while ensuring that different areas have subtle delineations. You can use unique flooring materials for different sections, and some of the most popular choices include natural hardwood and porcelain tiles for the sleeping area and walk-in closet, while you have granite for the bathroom area.  

If you want an extra dose of decadence, then you can use Italian marble for your bathroom. Although freestanding bathtubs are popular among homeowners, you can up the ante and get yourself a carved granite tub that will take your nighttime soaks to the next level. 

open-plan bedroom

Loft type master bedroom

This is an excellent bedroom renovation project if you have a high-ceilinged bedroom because it allows you to utilise the full potential of your bedroom. Instead of confining your bedroom to just one floor, convert your bedroom to a loft.  

Converting your bedroom into a loft allows you to have more room for your sleeping area by using the loft. With a large sleeping area, you can indulge yourself with a luxury California King bed of alpaca, cashmere or wool for maximum comfort and an unrivalled luxurious feel when you sleep.  

With your sleeping area on your loft, you can transform the main floor of your bedroom into a salon where you can relax with your family or entertain friends. For your salon furniture, go for authentic Turkish furniture known for how elegant and durable they are. Another benefit of having a high ceiling is you can adorn your ceiling with a grand crystal chandelier that will make an excellent focal point for your salon. 

loft-type bedroom
image: Leonas Garbacauskas

Rustic luxury

If you want a luxurious bedroom that focuses on comfort and natural beauty, then a rustic luxury bedroom is an excellent renovation idea. Although rustic design and luxury is not something you might imagine melding together, a rustic luxury bedroom uses layers of texture to evoke an atmosphere of luxury. 

You can replace your flooring with natural wood tiles that accentuate the rustic feel of your bedroom. Combine the wood flooring with decorative stone panels to contrast the smooth floor and the rough wall. One critical element to keep in mind is to ensure that you combine light-coloured floor tiles with dark-coloured wall panels or vice versa. 

Heighten the feeling of luxury with an orthopaedic bed topped with beddings of long-staple cotton, linen or silk. Combining the firm mattress and silky smooth beddings will help ensure that you can sleep comfortably and in luxury every night.  

rustic bedroom
image: North Fork Builders


The possibilities are endless for bedroom renovation ideas if there are no budget constraints and the ideas outlined above are just some bedroom design themes you can explore. By working with a bedroom design expert, you can plan a luxurious bedroom that’s not just amazing to behold but a joy to sleep on too. Be sure to follow our page to read about other fantastic home design ideas you can use to transform your home into the house of your dreams.

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