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Ultimate bathroom renovation checklist for rookie renovators

A step by step guide to renovating your bathroom.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when planning a bathroom reno. There are numerous factors to consider ⸺ the plan, money, permits, design, utilities, and more. Here, we’ll walk you through a checklist of all of the necessary procedures to ensure that your bathroom reno runs smoothly, and provide you with some expert advice along the way.

Check whether your bathroom reno requires planning and building permits

In general, any project that will change the shape, functionality, and structural design of the house will require permits and approvals. Minor and low-impact renovations will not need any sort of approval. 

It is crucial to call your local council to confirm before beginning any work concerning your bathroom reno. Your local council is happy to discuss the projects that you’re allowed to do with your property ⸺ and the restrictions, when there’s any. 

Speaking with one of our project consultants here at Dreamspace will also give you an idea of whether you’ll need planning and building permits. Schedule a call to get a free personalised quote as well.

Settle on how much you are willing to spend on your bathroom reno

We previously wrote about the costs of renovating a bathroom in Australia to help you establish your renovation budget. If you are having a hard time coming up with the numbers, consider getting a quote. Click here to know how much your dream bathroom reno will cost.

Choose a designer 

Here at Dreamspace, you’ll be able to connect with architects, building designers, and interior designers who can help you create an ergonomic and safe bathroom design that fits in the available space and in your budget. Head to the Inspiration Gallery to view various bathroom designs and save the ones that you prefer. Your chosen designer can view the images you saved and use them for inspiration. 

Choose the tradies and builders for your bathroom renovation

Your bathroom reno needs more than one professional to get the job done. It would help if you had a plumber, an electrician, a painter, or a team of builders who can do it all. 

Use the project coordination dashboard to source builders faster. Take advantage of our build tender service, where we’ll obtain multiple quotes from various builders and help you choose the best one. No more hours and energy wasted collecting, compiling, and comparing quotes on your own!

Set a realistic construction timeline and schedule

The length of your bathroom reno depends on severalfactors, particularly the size of the space and the number of bathrooms to renovate. The renovation of one bathroom takes three to five weeks. Take note of this time frame:

Allot 1-14 days for planning, conceptualizing, and finalizing the design of your new bathroom. Here, you and your designer will come up with a look inspired by the bathroom designs you’ve collected. You will also handpick all the fixtures and fittings to use. The first two weeks are crucial since you will conduct a lot of research during this time, and all the preparations here will set the course of your bathroom reno.

When there are no planning and building permits required, proceed with demolishing the old bathroom and disposing of the debris to make way for the renovation. This process often takes 1-2 days.

Demolition and waste disposal are crucial, especially when you are stripping off all pieces of the old bathroom and replacing them all with new ones. A careful demolition is essential if you’re keen on reusing some of the fixtures. Salvage and reuse items to save money and avoid going over budget. 

After stripping out the old bathroom, you should have a blank space that’s ready for construction. Allot 14-35 days to renovate the bathroom, with the first week allotted for plumbing and electrical works and the last few days for the cosmetic touches. Here is the ideal order of work that needs to be carried out: 

  • Repair of structural and water damage
  • Plumbing work
  • Electrical work
  • Tile layout
  • Waterproofing
  • Installation of bath fixtures such as the tub, toilet, and tapware
  • Tiling, grouting, and painting
  • Vanity installation
  • Cabinet and storage installation
  • Installation of shower screens, mirrors, and other bathroom accessories
  • Touch up, cleaning, and construction waste disposal

Coordinate with your builder when planning the construction timeline. They will carry out the work during this time; it will be easier for them to follow a strict timeline and schedule when they are a part of the planning.

Use Dreamspace’s project dashboard to plan and coordinate your bathroom reno

Proper planning and coordination with professionals is essential in your bathroom renovation. For this kind of project, take advantage of Dreamspace’s project dashboard. It makes it super easy for you to: 

  • Plan your overall home improvement project
  • Get free quotes for your project
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  • Stay connected with professionals who specialise in almost all kinds of renovations
  • Manage your project from designing to building

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