architectural drafting

First-time home renovators’ guide to architectural drafting

Architectural drafting is significant in all new home renovation projects.

There is often confusion about architectural drafting and if you need them for your project. 

Some of the questions we always get here in Dreamspace are:

  1. What is a draftsman, and how do they compare to architects and building designers?
  2. What is drafting or architectural drafting, and do I need it?

As one of the country’s most trusted networks of drafting, design, and construction professionals, we would like to shed some light on a crucial process called drafting and how important it is for your new home or renovation project.  

We’ll also discuss architectural drafting, the works of a draftsman, and give you an idea when you need one. 

architectural drafting

What is a draftsman, and what services do they provide?

A draftsman is a professional who makes detailed technical drawings and plans. It is a broad line of work, and drafters have a specialty. 

Dreamspace introduces you to architectural drafters. They provide the working drawings for the renovation or construction of new residential and commercial structures. 

Now, when you visit our designers’ profiles, you will see three professionals: a draftsman, an architect, and a building designer

These three professionals play an essential role in the design, planning, and approval stages of your project. However, while these three share some duties, know that they are not the same. 

architectural drafting

Differentiating a draftsman, an architect, and a building designer

It is crucial to have a solid grasp of these roles before hiring someone to work on your project.

We previously wrote an in-depth article about the differences between an architect, building designer, and draftsman. Check out that article to know more about what each one can bring to the table. 

Once sure of the professional to engage, head to the project planning platform and use the designer match technology to find the suitable professional.

If you are in need of direct inputs for your project ASAP, schedule a call with one of our Project Consultants. They will get details about your project, assess the complexity of the project and the level of expertise needed before recommending a pro.

architectural drafting

The cost of hiring a draftsman, architect, and building designer vary as well. Engaging a designer often costs more than engaging a draftsman because drafting services don’t involve design work.

The cost of hiring a draftsman

The cost of hiring a draftsman specialising in architectural drafting varies depending on the project’s location, size, complexity, type of project, and level of documentation needed. 

The draftsman’s skill and level of experience also reflect their fees.

To know how much it is to engage a draftsman for your project, request a quote from the Project Consultants. 

architectural drafting

Design, drafting, or both?

Our customers always ask us about the differences between drafting and design and their need for their project. In many cases, they need both.

Drafting services don’t include the design work. Projects that require design and structural inputs need an architect or a building designer.

Use the Dreamspace project dashboard to get matched with the most suitable professional for your project. Sign up and start planning today!

Don’t worry about future design changes. Today’s designers use computer-aided design (CAD) software to simplify and speed up the drafting process. It is also easier to update and make design changes using CAD software.

Design revisions and architectural drawings updates

Design variations are a normal part of the process. For example, perhaps you changed your mind about the design. Maybe the designer needs to correct an error in the plans.

Dreamspace users are only given limited opportunities to make design variations and revise the drawings for free. Changes that are beyond the scope of the project might incur extra costs. 

architectural drafting

When is the best time to engage a draftsman?

Your draftsman is responsible for preparing the plans for the building work plus other documentation needed to obtain council approval and building permits. The drawings enable builders to tender for the construction of your project as well.

Knowing how valuable the work of a draftsman is for a new home or renovation, it is crucial to engage a draftsman from the very beginning.

architectural drafting

The fastest way to find a qualified architectural draftsman

If you look up drafting services online, you’ll find that there are so many freelancers and institutions that offer architectural drafting services. You have so many options to choose from, and everybody claims that they are the best. A few hours or days later, you’re still knee-deep in research because you can’t decide. Until, one day, you find yourself too overwhelmed with choices and unsure who to trust.

You don’t have to undergo that old tedious process when you use Dreamspace’s Project Planner.

  • You get access to our elite network of skilled, initially vetted draftspeople.
  • Our designer match technology suggests the profiles of draftsmen who specialise in the kind of structure you want to build.
  • You get to choose the draftsman to join your team.
  • Communicate and collaborate with your chosen draftsman using the app. 
  • Store all the plans and documents in one secure place online.
  • Access the final drawings 24/7.

In case your first choice failed to deliver your project requirements, you can switch them for another pro in our network. 

architectural drafting

Working with your chosen draftsman

Our Project Consultants ensure that your draftsman will address your needs at every stage of construction.

During the design phase, your draftsman will provide the site plan, floor plans and elevations.

Moving forward to the council approval stage, they will add the shadow diagrams and other drawings required by the local council (e.g. electrical plan, reflected ceiling plan, etc.).

During the building approval stage, the Project Consultants will make sure that you have the complete set of drawings including the site plan, floor plans, elevations, sections, construction details, and door and window schedule.

If you want an in-depth discussion about these technical drawings, head to our guide to reading architectural planning drawings.

architectural drafting

Benefits of engaging a draftsman

Here at Dreamspace, we believe that every stage of building your dream home should be an enjoyable experience for our customers. To do that, we ensure that:

  • Dreamspace’s planning platform is the fastest way to engage a draftsman for your new build or renovation project.
  • Dreamspace’s draftsmen create fully detailed and comprehensive documentation.
  • Dreamspace’s draftsmen are knowledgeable with their local building codes and trained in servicing customers. We make sure that we deliver what the customer wants so there’s a lower number of variations in the future.
  • Dreamspace’s customers have an option to view their design in immersive 3D virtual home tours, so they can see their draftsman work come to life before construction

When all of these deals sound good to you, don’t hesitate to sign up today and start planning your new home or renovation project.

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