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Stop guessing what your build or renovation will look like with 3D home tours

Our 3D technology brings your plans to life so you can confidently make decisions on your final design.

In one of our previous blogs, we taught our customers how to read floor plans because planning drawings can be complex and hard to understand. It is difficult for  customers to be able to understand their designs just by looking at the drawings and even learning how to read the planning documents is not enough to visualise the design completely. Most people need a new way to review the home designs proposed to them. This is where our 3D home tours come in.

What is a 3D home tour?

A 3D home tour is an exceptional and highly visual way of checking the home design being proposed to you. Here, you immerse yourself in a digital twin of your home so you can see it in full detail even before construction. 

Here is a great example of a 3D home tour for you to check:

Benefits of using 3D home tours

With 3D home tours, you can: 

  1. Experience how your home will look once the project is completed. 
  2. Understand the design solutions that your architect or building designer pitched to you. Being able to see it is so much better than imagining how it will work. 
  3. See the visual impact of using a certain colour palette and building materials together. 
  4. Pinpoint the exact things you want to change.
  5. Approve the design faster than ever before.

Highly visual tools like 3D home tours can help you understand and get to know your project at a deeper level so you can confidently make design decisions. No more second-guessing!

How to get started with virtual home tours

Here at Dreamspace, we give our customers an option to view their projects in immersive 3D environments. 

We convert the 2D planning drawings into 3D visuals, then stitch them together seamlessly to create a hyper-realistic virtual experience for you. The end result is a more appealing and more interesting visual experience as compared to looking at planning drawings, sketches, mood boards, or inspirational photos.

The best part? You get to view this before you finalise your design. Walkthrough the digital twin of your home and play around with furniture placement, different material finishes, and product selections.

After creating the 3D home tours, you can enjoy your virtual architectural visits already. Check out your future home conveniently using your smartphones, laptops, computers, and VR headsets — if you have one. 

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