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You can get started easily and quickly by signing up for free to Dreamspace and get instant access to helpful planning tools to kickstart your project, or you can request a free design quote.

We focus on all types of renovation projects including kitchens, bathrooms, extensions, patios, carports, and granny flats. We can also service most types of projects including new homes, developments and light commercial projects. Feel free to book a call with one of our Project Consultants who can help.

Dreamspace provides a new and easy way to help you plan, design, and build your dream space on time, within budget, and with less stress. 

We can help coordinate any professional service that you need to get the job done from design to build tender. If you only need a basic drafting service, no problem, we have hundreds of pro draftspeople ready and waiting. If it’s a pro-level designer you are wanting, then we have hundreds of talented building designers and architects ready to help design your dream space. 

Dreamspace can coordinate your project and guide you from start to finish with all the required services including design, drafting, interior design, engineering, surveying, energy reports, council submission, build quotes, 3D visualisation and more.

Dreamspace also provides all customers with access to an easy to use project dashboard, which gives complete project transparency at your fingertips and  free unlimited access to our human support team, so you are never on your own

You will have access to thousands of the best local designers, draftspeople, engineers, builders and other industry professionals, along with having free unlimited access to our support team to assist you at every stage. Dreamspace carefully curates professionals so you can be sure you are only working with qualified experts, with a strong track record. Get started today with a free project consultation and quote.

Use of our project dashboard and it’s helpful planning tools are completely free. As for your project design and build costs, every project is unique. Our Project Consultants will need to ask a few questions to build an accurate scope for your project in order to provide you with a free instant quote and match you to the most suited designer and professionals that suit your budget. There are no additional costs for our help supporting you and your project, and we even offer a 5% value beat guarantee. Get started today with a free project consultation and quote.

Dreamspace expertly pre-screens and conducts professional quality checks before partnering with our experts to ensure that we can match you to the best suited designer for your project based on your specific project brief and needs. However if for any reason you aren’t 100% satisfied with your design, we offer a free designer switch guarantee.

Dreamspace provides customers with a flexible design now, pay later payment solution where you can start your project today with no deposit, no interest and no repayments until your design project is complete.

Speak to one of our Project Consultants for free and we can tell you all about our design packages and payment options.

General questions

We know it sounds unbelievable but it’s definitely possible, over the years we’ve perfected our quoting calculator to generate the most accurate, tailored, fixed price design quote based on your scope of work and budget.

If you already have your own design, we can help finalise and ensure that it meets local codes and regulations and can then assist you with finding a builder through our build tender service. We can tender out your plans to local builders, helping you to compare inclusions and prices and get the best value.

We match you with the most suited designer using algorithms based on many factors including experience, location, design style, cost, and availability. We also allow you to switch designers at no additional cost.

We help match you to the most suited, vetted professionals from our network. You work and contact them directly, however you get free unlimited access to our project dashboard and support team to help ensure your project is delivered on time, within budget and with less stress.

We have a network of over 1000+ pre-screened designers, engineers and builders across Australia to ensure we can match you to the right, local professionals for your project that are experienced with your local council codes and regulations.

Yes, of course. We match you to the best suited local designer who is experienced with your local council and regulations and they will meet you at your home (unless you opt for remote delivery) to discuss your project.

Travel distances may depend on the designer. If you are in a remote location we can match you to a local designer or one that is happy to travel. Alternatively, our technology makes it possible for us to work with you and manage your project remotely without having to meet in person.

Absolutely! In addition to receiving a detailed drawing package, Dreamspace’s immersive 3D technology allows you to see what your home will look like, not just prior to construction but all the way through your project from concept stage through to the final design. This helps you to confidently make important design decisions and provides overall peace of mind that the house will look the way you imagined it.

To get the ultimate walkthrough experience, it is possible to view the scene using a VR headset.

Watch this short video to show you how it works.


Certainly! Your designer will discuss your style preferences and provide home design ideas and examples to help to determine your likes and dislikes. You will also have access to our inspiration gallery which has thousands of home designs and ideas to ignite your imagination and help you to establish what you need, want and love.

Once you have signed up to our project dashboard you will be able to save these images to a dreamboard which you can refer to and add to throughout your project. You will also have access to thousands of inspiration images, along with many informative design blogs and guides.

As all projects are different in terms of size and scope, and all customers are unique in regards to their desire to make design changes, and knowing councils are all different in terms of their approval times, we can only give broad and conservative estimates on the time it takes to complete a design and approval project.

The below time estimates only apply to the design phase (not construction).

  • Small renovations – 4 – 8 weeks
  • Medium renovations – 6- 10 weeks
  • Large renovations and new builds – 8 – 12 weeks

You can easily track your project’s progress for reassurance that your schedule is being met from within our project coordination dashboard. You will be able to view your project timeline and clearly understand what’s next and see the estimated time of completion. All communication between your team happens within the platform, and you can easily navigate between the timeline, chats and files.

For all pre-construction services, payments are made via Dreamspace’s secure payment gateway at the start of each stage/service. Dreamspace holds the payment in the payment gateway, and only releases to your designer / engaged professional at the successful completion of each stage.

We provide you with unlimited access to our support team who can provide phone/email support to help resolve any issues that may arise throughout your project. We are here to help towards delivering your project on time, within budget, and with less stress.

We understand things change and there are certain reasons where you may want or need to cancel the project.

Dreamspace is flexible and fair and we do allow our customers to cancel the project part of the way through. You will be required to pay for any services that have been provided up to that point of course, however, you will not be charged for any future work that has not yet started.

Dreamspace can also appoint you another new designer or service provider at any time during the project if you desire.

It is very difficult to say how much any one renovation is going to cost, before the project is properly scoped out. That is why we provide a free design quote service, where you can speak with a Project Consultant to explain what you require, and they can accurately quote the design. We also provide a free upfront build cost estimate tool, that allows you to plan the construction budget, and work with your designer towards this.

Design & drafting

Drafting is the process of drawing (by hand or using CAD software) accurate technical documentation to represent the design and construction details of the home that you are planning to build. These precise drawings communicate the building’s form and function both externally and internally to the design and construction professionals involved in the project. When it’s time to build the structure from the ground up these drawings are critical and are also required for local council submissions. Dreamspace can match you with the right draftsperson for your project.

To learn more please visit our article- What is architectural drafting and how important is it for your renovation project.

Drafting is the process of creating technical drawings using CAD software to provide detailed technical specifications for a new build or renovation project.

While design is the step before which involves the careful thought and consideration of the design of a building’s envelope and interior that meet the local council regulations and codes.

Generally draftspeople provide drafting services only. Meaning they can draw up your plans but they don’t advise on home design. A draftsperson is a good option if you need someone to draw up a new version of old house plans or if you have completed a design and now need working drawings to submit plans to council, or to a builder for quoting. An architect (or building designer) will assist with the design, drawings and documentation required for your project and can help you with council and building approvals.

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